Wimbledon’s $3 Tennis Ball travels over 50,570 miles

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June 17, 2014
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June 18, 2014

Wimbledon’s $3 Tennis Ball travels over 50,570 miles

Tennis balls used at the Wimbledon tennis tournament travel over 50,570 miles around the world from birth to death.  Chemicals come from China, Korea, Japan and Malaysia, the wool from New Zealand which is made into felt in England, the ball is put together in the Philippines and placed into a tin from Indonesia and shipped to England so that little green ball has racked up a lot of miles before Ms Williams has even given it her best shot. Quite a logistical achievement!

So now you are seeing a link between Tennis and the world of International Moving and Shipping and probably wondering how is all that possible and how can that all be cost effective for a $3 ball? Hold that thought!

So Wimbledon, the most famous tennis tournament in the world, what do you know about it? Well it started back in 1877 by the All England Lawn Tennis Club and is now one of the few grass court competitions left on the pro circuit. Playing on a grass court can be treacherous and there is an art to moving on the grass said Darren Cahill while commentating for ESPNTickets can be real hard to get, you can write in about 12 months ahead, pay a small fortune in a form of a debenture, get invited by a celeb or the royal family or buy a ticket from a dodgy scalp for thousands of dollars and not know until you get there if you will be allowed in (or in International Moving Terms) pay a scam artist a small fortune and never see your furniture again.

Tennis balls on Court

So when moving overseas to England, Europe or wherever, use a grass roots company that’s been around since the 80’s has guaranteed all inclusive pricing, are professionals and are at the top of their game.

Oh and how can a ball travel the world for $3.00? It’s called volume and consolidation, they ship a lot at a time to keep the cost down which is exactly what we do with overseas moving.

If you need more info find us on the “net” haha had to get that in, that’s my last volley, don’t let my email bounce back, ….

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