Why You Get More For Your Money with a Smaller Moving Company

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June 18, 2020
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Often when choosing a company to work with, customers go for big brands and big names. The understanding is that the high-cost you pay is for a bigger name, which in turn equals more credibility or customer-time they have. But simply put, we’ve found this just isn’t the case.

Ultimately, big corporations have more money, but they are far less likely to be customer-centric. Smaller businesses on the other hand, have the personal experience most customers are looking for, without compromising on capability and delivery!

Supporting small businesses has come into the limelight in recent years, and we’re also extremely passionate about it too, (check out our blog Why Family-Owned Businesses Offer a Better Service).

So, what can you expect if you sign up with a smaller business like UPakWeShip?

Everything is online for you

Rather than firing off emails and relying on office working hours, UPakWeShip has all of the information you need for your move on their website. Including prices, insurance information and online booking. This allows all of our customers to go at their own pace and book in their own time!

Once you’ve booked with us, you can still find the answers to your post-booking questions on our website, and we have a range of video tutorials on our U-Crates and instruction videos for you to watch as you pack.

Our online portal is ideal for those who have booked. From there, you can organise payments, sign documents, look at the customs forms and print off your packing list!

Upfront, all-inclusive prices

We’ve all been on those websites with prices that sound too good to be true. The reality is, they usually are. Often with moving companies, you’ll be presented with one figure at the start of your move, and billed a completely different one at the end. 

“Your belongings were heavier than thought.”
“There was issues with the trucking.”

One thing you can rely on at UPakWeShip is that the price you’re quoted at booking is the price you’ll pay at the end of your shipment. We have our prices available on our website right now, all you need to do is use our instant rates calculator, Rate Mate!

Our prices are based on the service you choose, not what you put inside – weight doesn’t matter! If you can close the lid on your U-Crate, we will ship it, and you will pay the price you signed up to at the start.

International Offices

We have headquarters in Charleston, SC and Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Which means when you book with us, it’s our name on your shipment from door-to-door. Throughout your journey, you know exactly who is handling your belongings and who will be dropping off your crate at your front door.

We have excellent internal communication and a smooth process of handing off shipments between offices, so when you arrive at your new European/US home, the national office will get in touch to arrange delivery.

Online Tracking

We are hugely excited to be releasing our Online Tracker for customer use! Now, you can track your shipment through the UPakWeShip website! This technology is still not commonplace with moving companies, big or small, so when you book with UPakWeShip, you’re getting even more! You can find access to the Online Tracker in RateMate and on our Home Page.

For more information on UPakWeShip and our services, visit our website or use our instant-rates calculator to find out how much your international move will be.

The Moving Doctor
The Moving Doctor
"The Moving Doctor", Mark Nash has been in the moving business for over 33 years and currently sits on the board of the International Shippers Association and the Commercial Affairs committee at the International Association of Movers (IAM).

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