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April 9, 2012
Q. What’s the best way to pack pictures?
May 26, 2012

Packing expensive cups

I was just asked how to pack some expensive china cups. This was my suggestion. Hope it might help others.
As a rule of thumb just don’t make the boxes too heavy that you cant lift them…
Re the espresso cups, buy a roll of the small bubble, bubble wrap. Make up your carton and screw up paper and drop down the bottom of the box so you have some nice padding all over the bottom of the box, the more the better.
Then take some paper towel and roll the cup on the towel so it covers it, stick the ends in the cup so its full of towel. Then do this againwith bubble wrap so you have about 4 thicknesses of bubble round the cup, Fold bubble over top and bottom of cup and tape up. It should now be like a bubble ball ready to place in your box. If you dropped it now it shouldn’t break (but don’t try it lol)
Once all packed up if there is still room in box add towels, bedding etc (you could also put some at the bottom) load up to the top, you can also add crushed up paper and more bubble and once box is full and tight, no air in it tape it up well !
Hope that makes sense, if not call me and I’ll explain.
Cheers & Happy Packing !

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