Greetings From UpakWeShip
February 25, 2011
A Calm Smooth Operator!!
March 1, 2011

Nice Compliment for a Monday Morning !

Last November my Mom used your company to arrange a shipment for me from the States. She accidentally made errors on some of the paperwork so once the shipment arrived in England I was required to fill in some additional documents. I have a new baby and things are a bit of a busy mess these days……..I was very delayed in responding to your team and in returning the documents. I admit to even forgetting about it at one point (sleep deprivation!) and I even made a late payment to my outstanding invoice. I just wanted to tell you that throughout all of the process, despite my errors and delays, the staff at EuroUsa treated me with an amazing amount of patience, understanding and politeness. I was even congratulated when I explained that I have a new baby.  The customer service that you provide and the people who work in the company are truly a pleasure to work with. 

Thank you,




25 February 2011 20:37
Subject: Outstanding service

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