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July 18, 2014
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July 21, 2014

With the USA and Europe pouring loads of money into the Ukraine and surrounding areas to keep those naughty ruskies at bay I am thinking it won’t be long before we see American Corporations winning bids and many job opportunities advertised for skilled expat labor and management to help make Ukraine “European”

Rocks on the seashore

So here is a rough guide for anyone considering moving to Eastern Europe and in particular The Ukraine.

You probably have this picture in your head of an old lady walking a mule with a trailer full of veggies to the market to sell while the old man is drinking his brandy and coffee at a rundown café with a burnt out Russian tank slapped right in the middle of the market square?
Me too but not so fast…..
Would you believe that The Ukraine has the third most visited McDonald’s in the world, is the 4th educated nation in the world: 99.4% of Ukrainians aged 15 and over can read and write, is one of the largest grain exporters in the world, and has vast minerals and substantial energy reserves?
It’s huge! At more than 233,000 square miles, including the southern peninsula of Crimea – which Russia is currently claiming – Ukraine is the largest country located entirely within Europe. Ukraine borders seven countries: Russia to the east and northeast; Belarus to the northwest; Poland, Slovakia and Hungary to the west; and Romania and Moldova to the southwest.
So what should I expect when I accept this job? Well it’s not all going to be luxurious (otherwise you wouldn’t be earning the big bucks) and it really depends where you would be moving to. The capital Kiev is sophisticated but out in the country no so much.
The voltage is 220 so bring converters or leave electronics behind. These days you can pick up your favorite tv shows on the internet which is good in most areas so rather than trying to watch the local tv in Ukrainian speak, I would stick to watching Game Of Thrones on your IPad!
Be warned most people do not speak English but the good news when this gets frustrating is that alcohol is quite inexpensive and easily accessible. Do not challenge them to any drinking games however as the Ukrainian’s are the fifth most-drinking nation in the world. Only Moldavians, Russians, Hungarians and Czechs are ahead of them. An average Ukrainian older than 15 drinks 15.6 liters of alcohol a year which is a liter more than an average Irishman!

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