Moving to an Independant Scotland…..10 days to go

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September 5, 2014
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September 9, 2014

Moving to an Independent Scotland?

Scottish independence referendum

On September 18th 2014 anyone who is registered to vote in Scotland, can vote on whether they want Scotland to be an independent country
from the rest of The United Kingdom and latest polls say its going to be extremely close.

With a mum from London, a dad from Edinburgh and me living in America, I think I have absolutely no right to be speaking on this subject but here goes anyway!
So if the wee Scottish kilt wearers vote yes what will it mean to anyone moving to Scotland? Obviously we will have to wait and see but here are my 5 observations of how this independence will likely be.
1/ The UK Pound will still be the Scottish currency.
2/ Scotland will be wanting to stay in the EU therefore anyone with a EU passport will be able to travel to Scotland like before.
3/ Depending on relations with the Prime Minister of the rest of the UK, there could be some border controls between England and Scotland.
4/ Scotland will have its own Immigration policy which will more than likely be on the liberal side so if you have a skill that Scotland needs, you will stand a good chance of getting a visa.
5/ Scotland’s education system and free University tuition for most EU passport holders should remain the same although as an independent country, Scotland will not be allowed to charge students from England about 9,000 pounds a year which for some reason Scotland is allowed to do under the present arrangement.


Here are my 6 observations of what will probably happen.
1/ The Queen will be well peed off but after some political wrangling, she will be allowed to still be a figure head and called Elizabeth Queen of Scotts.
2/ David Cameron the current UK Prime Minister will have to resign.
3/ The Scots will grab control of all the oil fields and oil companies in Scotland
4/ Some large corporations including the HSBC and RBS banks will move their headquarters to England.
5/ Anyone living in Scotland or born in Scotland will be issued with a Scottish Passport and allowed dual nationality.
6/ Plenty of Whiskey will be consumed both sides of the border while the discussion continues in every British Pub.

Would this also make the Welsh folk say we want our independence too and then what about the Northern Irish?
There is an awful lot still up in the air and I honestly think most people can’t believe this will really go through, but a big question for me being a Moving Doctor is what will happen to the UK (as we know it)
Will the rest of us, meaning the English, Welsh and Northern Irish stick together and be collectively known as the Rest of the UK or “r~UK” for short and would Scotland refer to itself as former UK or “f~UK” and what if Northern Ireland decided to go for independence, would the well-known former UK Ulster Party (UP) refer themselves as “f~UK UP?”

We are about to find out!
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