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Do you have a questions about moving or shipping items? Ask The Moving doctor!

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  1. judy says:

    In one of the blogs, I read that your company has an App which gives more detailed information on how to fill out the packing list. For example it said that you should only list the main contents of a box. I searched for the App at the Google Play Store and couldn’t find it. Where can I download this app from?

    • The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello Judy, its an app or link we send you after you have booked with us to complete your packing list. You complete it and when you click submit you and UPakWeShip are emailed a pdf copy of the packing list for customs.
      Hope that works ok for you, cheers The International Moving Doctor

  2. Johnny says:

    Hi, how long does the average shipment take to reach it’s destination? I’m moving a small pallet from Germany to Texas.

    • The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello Johnny, I suggest you check with your shipping coordinator in the Europe office to confirm this as the ships leaving the European ports are full at the moment. Normal transit would be 6-8 weeks but probably check locally over there as I am based in the USA. You can email James Read for the latest info. He is the UPakWeShip EU Manager.
      Cheers, The International Moving Doctor

  3. Hello, we are hoping to move overseas to Europe, still deciding where. We are both artists and have many art supplies. I have been reading on how to pack fine art. The best to build a crate around it, would this be allowed on your pallets? Or do you have other suggestions. Thank you for your time.

    • The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello Francesca, yes you can place the picture crate on the pallet if its less than 48 inches wide. Alternatively you could make the crate with a palatized bottom and we can ship the crate like we would a pallet?
      Hope this makes sense and helps, cheers The Moving Doctor

  4. Kiki post says:

    Hi, I’m moving a wooden dresser and chair from France to the Usa. What is the best way to pack these items, to keep them secure and safe in their box. So they arrive the same way as packed in France. Thank you!

    • The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello Kiki, I would wrap them in paper pads like the movers use or use the cloth movers blankets and tape them in place. The safest way to ship them is then to have them crated in wood for total protection. Our office over there can do this for you if you need? I’ll pass on your email to them. Anything else let me know, cheers The Moving Doctor

  5. Reka says:

    We moved from Cork to Reno. Our stuff still in Ireland, in a big wooden box. (bikes, toys, houshold stuff..etc) What is the best option for us?
    Thank you

    • The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello Reka, I would get 3 quotes for shipping. If you can give the dimensions of the big wooden box you will receive more accurate quotes. You can complete our online quote request form by clicking here.
      Once we receive the request we can p-ass over to our UK office that can quote you on this, cheers, The Moving Doctor

  6. Ashley says:

    Help me!!!! I am moving from Tampa to London and have about a barrel or two worth of things to ship. Can you please let me know how much this might cost and how to go about getting it done? Thank you!

    • The Moving Doctor says:

      Hi Ashley, thanks for the message, I’ll get our shipping and Air department to send you quotes to door London, cheers The Moving Doctor

  7. Kate Bradford says:

    I´m planning to move from Viña del Mar in Chile to Sydney with household goods, some pictures, books, clothing etc. I´m needing to get an idea of the cost and timeline but don´t yet have an exact number of boxes. In fact, it would be great if The Moving Doctor could provide some. Can you help me please?

    • The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello Kate thank you for the request, I will have Chris in our office get in touch with some options for your boxes. Thanks!

  8. Annie Schetinnikova says:

    Dear Moving Doctor,

    I’m looking to move from Frankfurt to NY in the middle of May. I am only moving clothes and books and such and will probably have 7-8 suitcases’ worth. What would be your suggestion/price quote in getting all of that moved?

    Many thanks,

    • The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello Annie, I am going to get Chris in our EU office to email you some prices and options. Cheers The Moving Doctor

  9. Katherine says:

    Dear Moving Doctor,

    I currently live between London and Paris, but am planning to move back to Virginia as early as the first week of May.

    The two apartments come furnished. So, aside from an electric piano and a rug, the remainder of the items to be shipped will be roughly 20 boxes packed with clothing/shoes/books/papers and 4 separate suitcases. I can consolidate everything in one location – likely London. So, I would love to get an idea of moving options and pricing from London to Virginia. On a separate note, I already have two storage units in New York. So, depending on options and pricing, I can also leave the contents of this move in New York instead of Virginia.

    Many thanks in advance for your help, and I look forward to hearing from you.

    • The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello Katherine, thanks for the message, I will ask Chris in our London office to contact you and advise you some rates and best options, cheers The Moving Doctor

  10. Natalie Schmitz says:

    Hi, I am moving from Rennes, France back to the Midwest in the US. I will have a baby crib and several boxes (the move isn’t for a few months yet, so I don’t have the exact number of boxes yet). I would just like to get an idea of options and costs. I’d be very grateful, thank you 🙂

    • The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello Natalie, thanks for the message, Chris and myself will email some options for you to look at. Cheers The Moving Doctor

  11. hiral says:

    I am an international student. I got admission to other university to DE. I intent to move from Texas to Delaware. I have 3 23 kg bags and some boxes. Can you help? Please let me know.

    • The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello Hiral, I am going to get Ken in our office to email you a door to door UPS like service and quote for you. Cheers, The Moving Doctor

  12. Joanna Ti says:

    Hi. My husband and I are moving from Chicago USA to Dublin Ireland this summer. We will have approximately 10 boxes of clothes/shoes/books/personal items. Can you give us a quote? Many thanks.


    • The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello Joanna thank you for the question. I’ll get Pete here to send you some prices and shipping options. You could either drop off at our terminal in Chicago which saves you the collection charge or if you like we can collect from your residence. All the rates Pete will send you will be all inclusive through to your door or curbside in Dublin.
      Cheers The Moving Doctor.

  13. Jay Ritchie says:

    I am moving from London ontario canada to plymouth England and would like to send some furniture and tools. Could I please find out size of crates and prices please

    • The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello Jay, Pete in our office here will be in touch and quote you some rates and options, cheers The Moving Doctor

  14. Kerrie says:

    Im needing a two seat and three seat sofa sent from Scotland to N.I could I please get a quote?

  15. Kelsey App says:

    Hello there! I am moving to the southwest part of England in a couple of months and I have a lot of clothes, shoes, and dishes that I want to send over. I have been looking for a while at different places and you guys seemed the most helpful! Would you by chance be able to give me an estimate on how much it would cost to move a few boxes to the UK? No furniture or large expensive things. Also, I would be shipping from the Milwaukee area in WI. Thanks so much!!

    Cheers, Kelsey

    • The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello Kelsey (great name btw, my granddaughters!) I’ll get Pete in the office here to send you some various options as well as prices. Cheers The Moving Doctor

  16. Jasmine says:

    Hi Doc,
    My fiance and I will be moving from Grenoble, France to Canberra, Australia in May and will be needing to send two large boxes to Canberra. I do not yet know the size or weight of these boxes as we haven’t packed them yet but was wondering if you could give me in indication of cost and timing etc.
    Kind regards,

    • The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello Jasmine, I’ll get Chris in our EU office to contact you and quote you for this thanks, The Moving Doctor

  17. maureen mckenzie says:

    I have a bout six boxes to ship back to the Uk some clothes and shoes , papers , eight piece dinner set ,

    • The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello Maureen, not sure where you are shipping from but will get Pete here to drop you an email and offer some prices from USA. If this is not correct we can re direct you to the right person, cheers The Moving Doctor

  18. Ritu says:

    I need help moving stuff from Toronto, Canada to San Antonio, Texas. I have a few pieces of furniture and some boxes of books and kitchen appliances. I am planning to move in mid-June. If you can give me an idea of the total cost in detail and time for delivery it will be a big help. I will also appreciate it if I could talk to a person myself. Thank you.

    • The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello Ritu, I would try ABF or Pods if you want to pack and load yourself or if not the van lines like United, Atlas or Allied. Cheers The Moving Doctor

  19. Lana says:

    Hi there!

    In a few months I’ll be moving from Montreal, Canada to San Diego, US. I am only planning on bringing a few boxes of important belongings with me but I was wondering what kind of prices you guys offer? Thanks! 🙂

    • The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello Lana, we don’t have a service between Canada and USA at the moment as its handled more by the domestic carriers rather than International carriers like ourselves. I suggest contacting YRC or R&L carriers for prices. You can pack everything yourself and deliver it to their terminal in Montreal and they will deliver to your residence in San Diego. Enjoy the better weather! Cheers The Moving Doctor

  20. Mark Anthony says:

    Greetings Dr.,

    I have been here nearly 3 months as a backpacker in New Zealand and will be heading back home to San Diego, CA, and plan to stop over to Hawaii for 1 or 2 weeks. Since I bought quite a bit of stuff I want to find the most cost effective way to send some/most of my things directly to San Diego. I care about assurance and if needed insurance(sentimental reasons) to get it to San Diego. I would rather travel much lighter on my trip to Hawaii and would not mind it getting to San Diego slowly but certainly surely.

    Please advise as I would highly appreciate your assistance/leads on the matter in advance.

  21. Aksinia Shier says:

    Hi, I will be movIng from harden, England to Vancouver, Canada in late December. l don’t have much stuff. It should just be me teacher and a bike. Could you and me a quite please? Thanks.

    • The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello Aksinia, not sure I would want to take my teacher with me but I’ll get Chris in our England office to email you with some options and prices, cheers The Moving Doc

  22. Doris says:

    Will you provide a quote including tax, clearance, packing, container for the itinery:
    House to house from Perth to Spain (Jimena de la Frontera) One 20 ft container. It for relocation move.

    Any price(tax) difference between a EU and non-EU resident as the customer?
    How long does it take for the shipment including clearance?


    • The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello Lee, I’ll get our European office to come back to you on this one. They will email you to get a few more details and then can give you a door to door price based on a self load and unload 20 foot shipping container. The price will be the same if you are a EU or Non EU citizen, cheers The Moving Doc

  23. Loll says:

    Hi, I hope you are well…
    I have contents of a 2 drawer filing cabinet that would need to be shipped from Australia (Melbourne) to Canada (Calgary) (Family important documents etc, I’m not keen on shipping them in the container). Could you please advise whether a service can provide the boxes for this in the cost, how much the cost would be, ETA, insurance? etc. We are currently organising a shipping container (40′) so not sure if you can add some suggested shippers there too that I can contact for a quote (hubby is taking his FJ40 in addition to basic house contents (fam of 7 here)… Thanks 😀

    • The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello Loll, we can certainly help you with a quote on the 40ft. Also I suggest if you are worried about the important papers that you might be better taking them with you on the plane or as excess baggage on the plane. I’ll get Pete in our office to contact you and get some more details from you, cheers The Moving Doc

      • Loll says:

        Don’t you sleep! Thanks so much for the reply, I don’t sleep either hahah!… I’ve ‘re-thunk’ the important papers aspect and think I will scan and upload those to my server and leave originals with fam in Aus and take the basics such as birth/marriage certs etc, laborious job scanning but hey LOL!… I will await the contact from the office from Pete. I can always T up a time and if need be stay up for hours that suit up your neck of the woods to speak on the phone if need be :-D….. thanks again Loll…

        • The Moving Doctor says:

          Not enough thats for sure 🙂 thats a better idea on your important papers! Pete should hv emailed you by now. Cheers The Moving Doc

  24. Nada says:

    I am looking to move from Michigan to Abu Dhabi this summer. Can you give me cost estimates for containers and time estimates as to when containers will arrive there?

    Thank you

    • The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello Nada, I’ll get Chris in our office to contact you and give you some service options and prices, thanks The Moving Dr

  25. francois Lagarde says:

    Questions about Ubox

    1) price of 1 ubox for France is $1274. Does it include all taxes including sales tax?

    2) INTERNAL dimensions of Ubox are 56″ x 39″ x39″, right?

    3) How long will it take from Austin TX to Paris France? (shipping early december 2013)

    4) Any restrictions? I am shipping personal papers and items.

    Many thanks

    François Lagarde
    Austin, TX

    • The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello Francois, sorry in delay in replying but I’ve been traveling to the Intl Movers Conference In Vancouver, Just got back!
      1/ Yes all inclusive
      2/ Yes they are internal dims / usable space
      3/ Austin to Paris door to door normally 6-7 weeks
      4/ the obvious like no weapons, hazardous items, liquids, food, drugs, porn. All normal household items are fine!
      Hope that helps, cheers The Moving Dr

  26. Tara says:

    I’m Immigrating from South Africa to Canada. I’m wondering what the most affordable option is – Sell everything and start over or to Ship?
    The amount of furniture is the equivalent of a one bedroomed house.

    • The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello Tara, we don’t have our own operation in South Africa so I’m not sure on current prices. Generally shipping furniture compared with buying new in the Canada I would say buy new in Canada and just ship your personal items in cartons or pay excess baggage and ship a few extra suitcases when you fly over. Cheers The Moving Dr

  27. Suzanne says:

    I am moving back to Canada and have 10 cases of clothing and personal effects. What’s the quickest and best value way to get them home? Can you help me with the arrangements? Thanks

    • The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello Suzanne, need to know where you are moving from before I can be of help and give any advice, cheers The Moving Dr

  28. Kendra says:

    I have about 7 teachests and 1 3-seater sofa that I would like to ship from my parents’ house in Maryland to Melbourne AUS. No hurry, can go on the slow boat. What would the cost be?
    And how will it be shipped…..would I be able to throw in a few other things for a similar price?

    • The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello Kendra, the sofa is really going to add to the price! Unless its an expensive one I would leave behind and buy one when you get there. I am emailing you some prices though and service options, cheers The Moving Dr

  29. Stephanie says:

    i am wanting to move from sydney australia, to bern switzerland. i have one queen size bed, one small chest of drawers and then about five boxes of clothing. what is the best way to go about this? i see a ubox probably wont fit a queen bed or drawers inside will it? and i dont think i have enough to fill a crate?
    thank you.

    • The Moving Doctor says:

      You would need to put the matress into a Matress box and deliver it to a terminal or get a mover to pack it for you. I suggest calling different International Movers in Sydney and see who offers you the best price & service. Thanks Moving Doc

  30. admin says:

    If you are loading a shipping container and don’t have enough to fill it or have something heavy in there that you want to stop moving, I suggest you use a load bar.

    I have used them myself and they are brilliant and much easier to use than making your own out of wood. You can buy them online at Shippers Supplies.

  31. admin says:

    When Planning a Move, Timing Is Everything!

    We know our U Boxes and U Crates are very popular and a great way to move, but give us some notice please when you want one.

    The UBox and UCrate are made in Charleston South Carolina, and then shipped across the country when needed. So please decide to book with us a good week before you depart the country so we can get everything organised and in place in a timely fashion.

    Many Thanks

  32. The Moving Doc says:

    If you book our shared container service and include the collection from your residence option, we will send a small truck and a driver to collect your boxes from your ground floor front door. We wont actually be bringing the shipping container to your residence. The shipping containers get loaded at our shipping terminals which are in New York, Charleston and Los Angeles. You can see pictures of our shipping container by clicking here.

  33. admin says:

    European Customs Forms
    All shipments going from one country to another must go through customs. As European countries are now all part of the European Union (EU), there is only one customs point wherever the shipment is going to and that is at the entry point into the EU.

    Every week we send European bound baggage, shared containers, U Crates, U Boxes in 40 foot shipping containers from various points in the USA to England first, so we have to customs clear on an English customs form, even if the final destination is France, Italy or Spain.

    This sometimes causes confusion with people moving to, for example, France where they think they need all the French customs paperwork. Once we have customs cleared the shipment into England there are no further customs formalities for shipments delivering to anywhere in the European Union.

    The C3 form is simple to complete and it makes the whole customs issue a lot easier than dealing with other European Customs officials.

    However, if we are shipping a 20 foot or 40 foot shipping container for you, to remain cost effective we do send these into the nearest port to your destination. So for example if your moving to Rome we would ship into Naples and would need to clear Italian Customs.

    For more information on how to complete the customs form C3 look at our you tube video on how to complete a C3 form.

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