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July 18, 2014
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July 21, 2014

A lot of information is out there about getting ready for the move – but what about advice for when you arrive at your new home overseas? There is just as much to do at your new house as there was at your old house! Here are some tips from UPakWeShip to get started:

Get Unpacked! If you used any of our Baggage Services, then your first step will be to set your boxes in the correct rooms. If you used our Shared 1618218_10203133601197868_1367987910_o Container Services or Self Load Crates, then our friendly delivery crew should have done this step for you already! Now that’s out the way, dig in to the box that you packed your favorite item in first! Maybe your Xbox, or perhaps your shoe collection :-)
Carefully…. ! Take your time unpacking your boxes. Be careful with your box knife or scissors, especially when opening paintings, boxes of clothes, or a sofa as you don’t want to accidently slice it! It is good practice to unpack box by box. Not only will you keep the clutter down, but you’ll also be less overwhelmed versus having half finished boxes all over your beautiful new home!
Double Check each box and packing material is empty before recycling it. It would be a shame for a picture or something precious to make it safely all the way across the ocean only to be accidentally thrown away at your new home.
Delegate Duties delegate some of the clean up work to your kids! Have them help collecting the inevitable mess of used packing materials and empty boxes.

International Moving with a U Box

“We love our U Box”

Nothing entertains kids more than a box! Our UBox self load crate is an especially popular ‘house’ and has found its way into the hearts of many a youngin’ in their new playroom, backyard, and even a preschool!
Safety First! while moving into a new home and being busy unpacking, it’s easy to get distracted and that is when accidents happen. Keep your box knife and scissors out of reach! Make sure your young kids aren’t getting into anything they shouldn’t be, keep cleaning products up high or install a child lock on a cabinet, set up baby gates on the stairs put the used packing materials into a trash/recycling bag, etc. Keep ‘junior entertained by unpacking a few toys he or she hasn’t seen for a month or two!
Stock The Fridge new house, new beginnings – may as well start off on the right foot! Avoid the usual ‘we just moved so let’s eat out and grab something quickly’ by stocking the fridge with some healthier options and snacks. Pizza and beer was good to sucker/bribe your friends into helping you pack, but try not to blow your diet and exercise routine at your new place!
Touch Up the paint, give the bathrooms a good scrub, vacuum and steam clean the carpets- all of this is much easier to do before you have to shuffle your belongings around!
Have a Sort Out hopefully you did this when you were packing as well, but perhaps now you’ve arrived did you find that the closets are way smaller in your new home? Maybe you don’t have a basement for storage now? Having a sort out now, and donating the items can help limit clutter and storage issues.
Update Your Address on your bills, credit cards, driver’s license, insurance policies, health care, doctors offices, magazine subscriptions, check book, the list goes on and on…
Take Care of any home maintenance issues before putting it off – that leaking faucet / tap? Stain on the carpet? Smudge on the wall? Broken gutter? Take care of it while you are in the “new-house-lets-keep-it-perfect” mentality, or make a list and hire a handyman to help out. Also consider the outside of your home, will you need lawn maintenance service or do you need to buy a mower because the grass is growing like it’s a jungle?
Show Us Your Moves! ucrate17 Don’t forget to send us your pictures, YouTube videos, home videos, social media posts that shows you and UPakWeShip’s positive moving experience! Each year we refund up to 50% of your moving cost for the best post on our blog page Show Us Your Moves !
Throw a New House Party! Meet the neighbors and show off your place! Now its official, you have moved in, enjoy!

Pete Nash, International Sales. UPakWeShip Direct Tel 301 602 3575

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The Moving Doctor
The Moving Doctor
"The Moving Doctor", Mark Nash has been in the moving business for over 33 years and currently sits on the board of the International Shippers Association and the Commercial Affairs committee at the International Association of Movers (IAM).

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