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July 17, 2014
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July 18, 2014

Good Moving Question, USA to Germany

Moving Overseas?



Submitted on 2014/07/18 at 12:42 am to Ask The Moving Doctor Blog at UPakWeShip

I have spoken to you earlier and have received some good information and assistance. We are moving from Omaha, Nebraska to Germany and I had a few more questions.

Moving Overseas?


1. I think you stated that it takes 5 business days after the order is placed to receive the UCubes – is this correct or have I confused the time (sorry, it has been hectic here). Yes That’s Correct 🙂
2. My husband has 2 old swords worth probably $20 each. Would that cause a problem in customs? It possibly could cause delays and extra inspection so for the sake of $40 I suggest leaving them out!
3. How many business days in advance do we need to schedule a pick up time for the UCubes? 24 hours please Monday to Friday
4. What is the process after you pick up the UCubes? For example, the video was very good regarding tracking, etc. But I have read where the Cubes go through London and there is a VAT tax on the items? We do ship all the U Cubes etc through our hub in England first and that’s where we clear all European shipments through customs. Once that is done there are no further formalities to any EU country. As long as you declare on your customs form (C3) that we will email you, that you have lived outside of the European Community for the past 12 months, you are now moving your normal residency into Europe and all your belongings are more than 6 months old, there will be no duty or vat charged.
Could you please explain this more – such as how much is the tax if there is any, could there be a delay in the UCube reaching us in Germany, etc? As long as you declare as above there will be no delays and no extra charges. For more details about completing the customs form click here
5. My husband’s company is giving him a moving allowance. Do you or could you coordinate the payment with them? Absolutely, we are happy to invoice whom ever, as long as we get paid by someone we are very happy!

Hope this helps, you can also find a lot more information on our UPak TV page by clicking here .
Have a good day
The Moving Doctor

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The Moving Doctor
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