Ask the Moving Doctor

Ask The Moving Doctor!

Our resident Moving Doctor, Mark Nash is in the house! Mark has been in the moving business for 33 years, originally from England; he has moved 5 times internationally and has worked in England, mainland Europe, The Middle East and for the past 19 years in the USA. If he doesn’t know the answer to the question, he has enough friends in this industry to find out for you.

He currently sits on the board of the International Shippers Association and the Commercial Affairs committee at the International Association of Movers.

Mark will always do his best to provide an answer honestly, professionally and treat this forum as a place where everyone can learn about moving overseas.


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  1. Hello Mark, I am moving from USA to Sweden. I have minimal stuff and I am going to purchase 2 pallets for the move. Can you tell me if there is a particular pallet grade, certification, or material I should purchase for international moves? Thank you ~Jeff

    • The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello Jeffrey, any purpose built pallet from a manufacturer or heavy duty plastic pallets are fine on that route. Rules are more stringent to Australia and New Zealand though.You can often find a pallets or two on industrial estates or behind stores if you ask or buy them from Amazon.
      Hope that helps and let me know if you have any other questions, cheers The International Moving Doctor.

  2. Deb says:

    Hi Mark
    We will be moving to Portugal in Jan 2022 and we are looking at a U crate 200, we live in Tampa, Florida and I am checking to see how much we could save by driving our stuff up to the Charleston Terminal and packing it there. Thank you.

    • The Moving Doctor says:

      Thanks for asking Deb, I will ask our Sales Manager Devin to contact you by email and give you the options, cheers The International Moving Doctor.

  3. Mohammed Ibrahem AlSobay says:

    Hi My son is moving from VA to Saudi Arabia (Riyadh).He has his car and personal things (clothes, 2 TVs, kitchen small appliances and other things).
    Container is too big and expensive. how can I ship it cheaply.

    • The Moving Doctor says:

      Mahaba Mohammed. My advice would be then to leave the car behind and just take the personal things. A U Crate 100 would probably fit all the personal stuff so you would save a lot rather than shipping a container. If he still wants to take the car, look around for a roll on roll of service which you might be able to get from Baltimore to Jeddah or Dammam port.

  4. Dave Y says:

    Hello. My family and I are moving to Portugal. We want to ‘test the waters’ before actually moving too many of our belongings. I understand that Portugal has a ‘baggage certificate’ that is available to immigrants for up to 1 year after establishing residence. I’ve also heard that UPakWeShip will ship through The Netherlands so that the entry into the EU is not in Portugal. Does that mean that we could ship 2 years out instead of up to 1 and avoid the baggage certificate all together? Obrigado.

    • The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello Dave, you can ship 1 or two as many times as you want via Rotterdam using our pallet and U Crate services without the Baggage Cert but if you choose a 20 or 40ft container to load then that would be shipped into Lisbon direct and you would need the Baggage Certificate to clear through Customs in Portugal. I hope that helps and if you need more clarification, please email me at
      Cheers The International Moving Doctor

  5. Don Beu says:

    HI we are planning to use your services in the next month or two. I had read elsewhere, that the 100 container arrives flat, and can require 3 or more people to assemble. Is that correct? How hard is it to put together? Thanks. Don

    • The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello Don, yes it arrives flat and weighs a little over 100 lbs so if you needed to take it upstairs you might need two of you but for assembly you can do it yourself but it might be easier with two of you but not essential. Its only 4 pieces, a wood pallet bottom with a cardboard floor, two sides and a top. Then of course the straps and cover but all can be done with one person if need be. I found when loading myself, a small step ladder helps to get to the top layer but I’m only 5’8 so a little short! Hope that helps, cheers The International Moving Doctor.

  6. Barbara Gary says:

    We have a storage unit in NYC with clothes dishes glasses records prints rugs that we we want shipped to Cormons Italy near Trieste andvVenice. If it is collected in Feb what time frame for delivery? The unit is 5x10x7


    • The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello Barbara, as you probably know, shipping logistics is a mess right now so estimating transit times is difficult but as long as we can get space in February on a ship then the transit time would be around 8-10 weeks. We would be able to confirm that more nearer the time but hopefully that help you for the moment.
      Cheers The International Moving Doctor

  7. Bob Wenger says:

    We are moving to Porto, Portugal, from Orlando, Florida. We are considering a pallet crate. Where would we need to get the loaded pallet to for shipping.

  8. Diane Mandle says:

    Can I ship Ancient Tibetan singing bowls and some antique family heirlooms I would like to have in my house in France from California ?

    • The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello Diane, I have no reason why they could not be unless the materials are banned or they are wanted back in Tibet meaning there is some dispute over ownership or there is some ban on shipping items from Tibet?. If these are just you normal personal effects though they can be shipped with any other china and glass that you might be shipping. Cheers The International Moving Doctor

  9. Amanda says:

    Hi Mark.
    My husband and I will be moving back to the UK from the US (Arizona) early 2022. Depending on when our house sells we would probably be looking to send our belongings in a 20ft container ahead of our own journey on March 26 (possibly 6 weeks ahead).
    I’ve spent time on the last few months or more looking at your website and we had pretty much decided your company was the way forward. However, I have not seen any updates on your website relating to the current situation regarding shipping container shortages, shipping backlogs, shortage of drivers to collect the containers etc. We are also concerned about the possibility of our container being delayed at the port in the UK due to the current backlog/driver shortage issues and incurring a significant additional fee by the port authorities.
    Can you please advise regarding this situation? Is all the info on your website still current, or have things significantly changed due to these unprecedented times?
    Thank you so much!

    • The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello Amanda, thank you for your comments which are quite correct. We have all be so busy here we have not done well at keeping the blog up to date with the latest developments. Which are as follows:
      In a nutshell, the ships are full, there is no room for more containers in the ports, the is a huge lack of truckers in the USA, Europe, the UK and probably elsewhere as well. Shipping rates keep going up and yes due to the delays in getting a container on and off the ships and through the ports, the shipping lines charge lots of extra charges for container storage which has the fancy name of demurrage.

      The British Assoc of Removals has just issued this report below.

      Moving companies and their customers need to be aware of the following:
      1. Freight rates will increase for 2022, both as part of contract renegotiations, and as
      shipping lines continue to apply congestion or service surcharges, often with no notice.
      2. The shortage of space will likely continue well into 2022 and beyond, this means longer
      booking times are required to obtain space on a vessel, which are already in many cases
      in excess of 6 to 8 weeks.
      3. Service failures may be much more common; either issues with haulage meaning the
      container isn’t loaded or changes to the vessel schedule, which are both likely to cause
      delays and additional costs to the customers.
      4. There may be a reduction in service offerings. Shipping lines are likely to suspend
      certain trades and offer less port coverage as they streamline their services.

      Having said all that negativity, some routes are working better than others and its easier to get truckers booked on time to do local work rather than long distance. Here in Charleston where I am based for example we have truckers we use every day in Charleston but try and get them to drive upstate to Greenville at the moment, they are not interested. This is the same in many port cities. Unfortunately to be honest this does not bear well for Arizona. Trucking rates are increasing all the time and service failures are common. These is obviously the same whichever moving company or shipping company you use.
      Here are some suggestions you might like to consider.
      Ship your personal items in a couple of U Crates. ( we truck them into Charleston and load out of here in a consolidated container most weeks ok)
      Store your larger items in a self store and reconsider shipping later in 2022 or just sell the larger items.
      I am sorry to sound negative, if you still want to try it we will obviously do our best but I would budget possibly a couple of thousand extra for delays and storage.
      Its not a lot of fun in the international moving business right now!
      I hope this helps and feel free to contact me if you need to chat further about this.

      • Amanda says:

        Mark. Thank you so much for your prompt, honest and comprehensive reply. It certainly gives us a lot to think about and we will be considering our options carefully. I know these must be trying times for you and your team. We will hopefully be in touch in the near future. Thanks again!

      • The Moving Doctor says:

        Hi Amanda, thanks for the reply. There is one other option but it involves a road trip! That would be to rent a U Haul and you drive everything to our office in Charleston SC and load the container in our yard. We could have the container sitting here ready for you and you could have all day to load it. It would avoid extra charges and service failures and obviously the rate from Our office to the UK would be a lot less than from Arizona. Yes its a long drive but the price is probably about $3,000 cheaper with no service failures so ever paying for the truck rental you would be saving. However I appreciate that’s a long drive but it is an option!
        We are also starting a new service in conjunction with a domestic carrier in the next few weeks where we can drop a 250 cuft crate on your driveway or two of them and it gets collected and trucked to Charleston. We would unload the domestic crates and load into our U Crate 200’s and Ucrate 100 and ship it that way.
        Just some other options to consider if you like.
        Cheers and I’m glad its Friday, enjoy the weekend,

        • Amanda says:

          Thanks for the updated info Mark. I just spoke to Diane in your West coast location to discuss our options. I think the new service you are offering may be the way to go. Really appreciate your help and we will be in touch in early January to finalize our booking.

  10. Kamil Konopka says:

    Question 1) I have a pallet that is in base 47 inches in length. In such case is it possible to stack 2 boxes, 24 in length each for the total of 48? They will stick out a bit from the pallet but still conform to the required length?

    Question 2) assuming 72 inches height. Does that include the height of the pallet? (5 inches loss). I wanted to use 18in height boxes and stack 4 of them. 18X4 gives me exactly 72 but that does not include that pallet’s height. Would that be ok or not?

    • The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello Kamil, yes you can load up to 48 inches in length no problem. The good news is you also get 72 inches not including the pallet height.
      Hope that’s all good for you?
      cheers The Intl Moving Doctor

  11. Beck says:

    Hi, We are moving from Ireland to California. Have your customers had any problems with mold in their shipments? Is there any kind of climate control or recommended tips to keep our items from getting any moisture or mold issues?
    Thank you

    • The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello Beck, thanks for the great question. Although the USA can get quite humid I personally have not seen any problems with mold but I do hear it can be a problem particularly from Asia. Trucks, warehouses and shipping containers do not typically have any climate control but with the transit time being between 6-10 weeks depending on the services you are choosing I am 99% sure if the items are clean and dry when they are loaded they will be clean and dry when they get delivered to California. Now would I store my furniture long term in a non climate controlled warehouse in Florida? Absolutely not but for a short transit time across the Atlantic it should not be a worry. You could also put some of those little moisture eating bags in with any electronics you might be shipping just to be safe.
      I hope this helps and let me know if you need any more clarification.
      Cheers The International Moving Doctor.

  12. Donya says:

    What happens if I can’t find a pallet to put my boxes on? Do you provide one that I could purchase ?

    • The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello Donya, you should be able to find one locally from the back of a store or a near by industrial estate but if not you can buy them on Amazon and have one delivered to you. I hope that helps, we can send you one if need be but it will be more expensive than buying from Amazon.
      Cheers The International Moving Doctor.

  13. Reyne Bocharov says:

    I have a total of 64.5 cu ft worth of boxes to ship to Brussels, Belgium from Charlottesville VA. #20 boxes 3 cu ft each and #1 box of 4.5 cu ft. What would my cost be? When could you pick it up? Can you store the pallet in Belgium if I need more time with covid and flights/visa situations? Is the price reduced if I provide my own pallet?

    • The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello Reyne, thanks for the message. I have passed your inquiry onto Devin in our customer service department. He will be contacting you soon and will advise on costs as well as the storage charges which is no problem at all.
      Cheers, The International Moving Doctor.

  14. Carol McMah says:

    I’m moving from Munich, Germany to the San Jose areas in California and need to know how many cubic feet of possessions I have to order the right containers from you.I have many books and two of the items are bookcases. What is the best way to estimate total cubic feet? Further, my shipment will go to an acquaintance to be stored there until I find a place to live. Can you advise me please?

    • The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello Carol, thanks for the question. I have passed this over to our EU office to contact you and answer your questions. They should be in touch tomorrow.
      Cheers The International Moving Doctor.

  15. Cathy says:

    Hi, just wondering if things like laptops and cell phones can be shipped? Have some old ones I’m not currently using but don’t want to get rid of

  16. Lori Ravelli says:

    I am looking into moving from the US to Portugal…I have read a lot about your company and will be emailing for a quote when we are ready to move forward. I am a hairstylist and want to bring my salon equipment, products to work abroad. I noticed it says restricted items are dyes…and paints. Is hair color allowed to be shipped? Also I am an artist and use acrylic paint on canvas…are those items able to ship to Portugal? This is imperative information for me to be able to pack…so you can ship. Thanks you!

    • The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello Lori, yes if they are relatively small amounts ie less than a box full so they are in a box with other things, and they are for your own personal use. I would also put these items in a zip lock back before packing into a cardboard box just in case there was a leak.
      Cheers The International Moving Doctor.

  17. Julia Peterson says:

    We will be moving from the United States to England in a few months. We are having trouble finding out if we are able to ship our pet ashes in our household shipment, or what would be the best way to ship them. This is a permanent move.

    • The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello Julia, yes you can ship the ashes in your shipment no problem. Just make sure they are well packed and sealed.
      We have shipped ashes many time before and not had a problem.
      Cheers The International Moving Doctor.

  18. Pegs says:

    Hi Mark! I am all booked, Just trying to log in to get my Packing List generator – unable to find a log in window. Any advise? Thanks!

    • The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello Peggy, I’ll get customer service to contact you and sort it out. We did an update over the weekend so that might be the problem, cheers and thanks for letting us know, The International Moving Doctor

  19. Åse Christensen says:

    Do you ship from Namibia to Denmark?

  20. Valerie says:

    Can I store my belongings here in USA with upackweship until I am ready to move international to Portugal?? It may be several months.

    • The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello Valerie, Yes you can store your items in our warehouse before shipping to Portugal if you are shipping a U Crate or a pallet. We charge $25 per pallet position per week. This however does not work with self load shipping containers.
      I hope this helps, anything else let me know, cheers The International Moving Doctor.

  21. Peter Wetterhall says:

    Hi Mark. It is Sunday, but hoping you might answer. Sorry if you have already answered this somewhere among the 4000 comments. We searched a bit first! We are packing a 100cu/ft U-crate. Since those have a cardboard top, what is the best way to ‘even out’ the space above so that it fits ‘properly’? Also, if the total height ends up an inch or two below 72-inches, is that a problem? Do we need to add inches of stuffing?? Thanks! Peter

    • The Moving Doctor says:

      Hi Peter, good questions, as these U Crate 100’s have a lid and will always stay upright, it doesn’t really matter if they are not completely full. If however you fill any gaps near the top with cushions, blankets or similar it will keep it solid and stop anything jiggling around. Some people cut the edges down a few inches and then put the lid on as well which is another option and quite acceptable. It is still the same price though even though it would be a slightly smaller volume.
      I hope that helps and let me know if you need more info.
      Cheers The International Moving Doctor.

  22. Jytte J Devous says:

    where is your warehouse in AZ?

    • The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello Jytte, our receiving terminal in Arizona is in Phoenix.
      If you click on the link you can see our new USA terminals page.
      Cheers The International Moving Doctor

  23. Anna says:

    Hi Mark
    We are receiving confusing information about our move back to UK from Spain in October.
    According to the HMRC TOR team, we should qualify for TOR relief and hence pay no duty or taxes on our possessions.

    It has been suggested that the removal company has to complete the TOR on our behalf (and at a cost no doubt). The HMRC say they would prefer we completed it.

    I would be very grateful to learn the process that happens at customs. We are assuming (perhaps naively) that, once we have supplied the company with our URN, the process should be smooth at customs.

    Many thanks for your advice.

    • The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello Anna, thanks for the question. I am based in the USA and we move a lot of returning Brits from here back home. We always suggest they apply for and obtain the TOR themselves and provide us with the TOR number so we can input it into the system for Customs when your shipment arrives in the UK for customs clearance.
      Personally I do not think the mover should be completing this as its your goods and the questions are asking for personal information that the mover should not know. We have the form and an explanation help presentation on how to complete the TOR form here. Hopefully that should help you. Once you receive your TOR number and give it to the mover they should take care of customs for you. They will also need a packing list of what you have in your shipment and a copy of your passport.
      If you need more help let me know, cheers The International Moving Doctor.

  24. Peggy says:

    My family is planning to move from Hong Kong to Portugal. Upon consulting Upackweship, it seemed this is not a route that’s covered unfortunately. I have consulted different international movers locally, the quote appeared to be fluctuating like the seafood pricing and some would not help with the necessary documentations or being vague on the custom clearance aspects etc. and there are mixed comments regarding the service quality online. I wonder if you could by any chance having any partners in the region that you might have worked with that is reliable/reputable to recommend for reference? Thanks very much!

    • The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello Peggy, thanks for the question. I don’t know how much you want to ship but I suggest if possible to ship through a groupage service to somewhere like The Netherlands and then have your things transported to Portugal by road. This is a much easier route to avoid the strict customs procedures that are implemented at the Portuguese port of Lisbon. I believe an old friend called Andy Mak from a company called Asian Express would be able to help you with this. Andy Mak | Asian Express
      Send him my best wishes. Any other questions or advice particularly about the European end of your relocation, dont hesitate to ask.
      Cheers Mark Nash

      • Peggy says:

        Thanks so much for your tips and advice, Mark! We will get in touch with your friend Andy@Asian Express and explore further. And thanks in advance for the kind offer, will absolutely reach out should we have further questions on the European end of relocation. You have a great day, take care. 🙂

  25. Christine says:

    I am about to make a deposit for my booking but I am confused about timing and dates. I need a container to be at my house in Canada on either 29th 30th 31st July or 1st or 2nd August to load up to go to United Kingdom. I also need a time so I can book a moving company to help me load a 20ft container. When will I get this information please.

    • The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello Christine, please complete our online booking form and under the other comments at the bottom of the page type in your pick up date window. UPakWeShip will then do its very best to accomplish those dates and match them with a shipping line booking and then confirm to you that these dates are possible. Once that is done we will then ask you for a deposit and email you our contract and paperwork that needs to be completed.
      So make a booking, let us conform dates and then pay deposit.
      Hope that’s OK for you and bon voyage.
      Cheers The International Moving Doctor.

  26. Hannah says:

    Hello! I have a table that is 46″ in length and I would like to get the 50 cubic Ubox. Do you think it could squeeze in there? Is the box semi-flexible?

    • The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello Hannah, the U Crates are not very flexible otherwise they wouldn’t do such a great job on protection, but i would think it would fit, if you place it in at an angle like / if that makes sense?
      Cheers The International Moving Doctor

  27. Andrew norman says:

    Good morning Mark,
    We are moving back to the UK from nw suburbs of Chicago in about 10 weeks.
    We will be using you,my question is,what is the time scale from pick up here to drop off at destination address?

    • The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello Andrew, First of all thank you for choosing UPakWeShip. Transit times depend a little on the service you choose. At the moment we are averaging 5-7 weeks for U Crates and Pallet services and for a self load 20ft its more like 4-5 weeks. I hope this helps. Anything else let me know. Cheers The International Moving Doctor.

  28. Travis says:

    Hello Mark,

    My family and I are preparing to move to Paris, France in the near future. We are looking at using a U-Crate 100 to ship our belongings but would like to know what kind of boxes you suggest using to make the most efficient use of the space and also protect our belongings the best. Cardboard boxes or plastic totes? We’ve got a few boxes of more fragile items (FYI)


    • The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello Travis, plastic totes work well if not too heavy. The only problem with them is if you stack them on top of each other and they are heavy, you end up with the bottom ones cracking. You also loose a bit of space as Totes seem to angle inwards towards the base. Cardboard boxes in this country come in all different shapes and sizes with no uniform standards so I suggest using a cardboard carton of about 4.5 cubic feet. Keep them all the same size if possible so they easily stack on top of each other. Stack around the edges and if there is a gap in the middle, that’s perfect for out of size items such as beach chairs, fishing poles, guitar in a case or in my case, my keyboard!
      Wrap the fragile items up well in packing paper and bubble wrap. Screw up some paper and place in bottom of carton and on top for protection or use a cushion if you have one. Although fragile, the cartons will be probably quite heavy so place at the bottom of the stack on the base of the U Crate. Make sure boxes are full, meaning no air left in them or space so that when you load another box on top they keep their strength and shape.
      Lastly, make sure if using cartons you tape them up well across the middle of the flaps and the seams along the edge. like an H
      I hope that helps and let us know if you need any other questions answered, Happy Packing! Cheers The International Moving Doctor

  29. Alpha Sesay says:

    I live in Lake worth, Florida and trying to ship a container to Sierra Leone. How can you help. I intend to ship house hold items and a car.
    I look forward talking with you.
    Tel: 929 575 8191

    • The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello Alpha, thanks for the message but not our specialty to be honest. We do more Europe, Australia and New Zealand.
      There is a company called AGS if you Google it that can possibly help you with this. Cheers The International Moving Doctor

  30. Paul says:

    Hi can you please tell me if I can ship a motorcycle in your you crate 200? If not how much roughly does it cost to ship a motorcycle from Southampton uk to fremantle western Australia? Thanks Paul

    • The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello Paul, thanks for the great question. Our U Crate 200’s are not designed for motorcycles so the answer is no we can’t I am afraid. We also find that all motorized vehicles and boats tend to delay all our other customers shipments in the container as well as increase the risks of extra Customs scrutiny so we therefore do not ship them in our consolidated containers.There are however companies that do specialize in shipping bikes and cars if you Google it.
      I believe Australia has some strict rules on importing bikes so do check out the rules and regs first before shipping.
      Cheers, The International Moving Doctor.

  31. Carolyn says:

    Can I pack cosmetics, lotions, deodorant. Contact lenses in my shipping container going from US to UK?

    • The Moving Doctor says:

      Yes you can as long as they are for personal use. I suggest putting them in zip lock bags first before packing them into a box named something like bathroom items, just in case anything leaks.
      Cheers The International Moving Doctor

  32. Carolyn says:

    Can I pack used cosmetics in my shipping container- lipsticks, eyeshadows, face powder, lip glosses, lotions, etc?

    • The Moving Doctor says:

      Hi Carolyn, yes you can see the reply in your other question above. All ok and no problem.
      Happy Packing!
      Cheers The International Moving Doctor.

  33. Daniel Marczuk says:

    Hi. I have a question regarding the shipment to US, I’m a mechanic and i will move to US in few weeks. I’m just wondering how i can transport my toolbox with tools to US? How i can do it? And how much will cost me transport to Houston Texas? Do you do it door to door service? Thank you for your help.

    • The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello Daniel, thanks for the question. Obviously tools are heavy so they are expensive to ship whichever way you choose. May be a U Crate 50 could be the way to go if you have some tools as well as some other items like clothes to balance out the weight but the U Crate prices are based on 500lbs so if it is more weight than that there will be some excess weight charges. The main reason for this is the trucking charges in the USA are all done by weight. Yes we would clear through customs and deliver to your door / curbside in Texas. I am not sure where you are moving from but we have our own offices in the UK and also Europe. I hope that helps, cheers The International Moving Doctor.

  34. Tricia says:

    Good day Mark– First off, gratitude for your wonderful book on moving.
    My family and I are headed overseas from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in USA to Singapore.
    I’ve submitted info to upakweship multiple times for a quote but it seems they are the only ones that haven’t got back?
    Also, when I use the instant rates system on the upakweship website, looks like Singapore isn’t an option on the dropdown menu.
    It’s leading me to think that somehow, Singapore might have a different custom or upakweship doesn’t ship to Singapore?

    Additionally, does upakweship take care of the custom clearance and other documentation?
    I’ve been looking into DIY vs. hiring an international moving company, and outside of the option for having them do the packing, I’m not sure why someone would choose a moving company with all the bells and whistles instead of upakweship? Am I missing something here? Thank you in advance —Trici

    • The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello Tricia, thank you so much for the comments on my book. I am glad it has helped.
      The automatic rating system is great for our popular destinations where we consolidate all the U Crates going in that direction together in shipping containers and our own offices handle the customs paperwork and delivery services.
      Singapore however although a wonderful place is not one of our major destinations and therefore we have to work out a custom quote for you on this route.
      With the amount of volume we are handling this year after last years slow down and the lack of shipping space available on ships right now and rising rates, its hard to keep up with some of these custom quote requests. If you could email me your details on what you need a quote for though I will work this up for you. Our rate will include customs clearance and delivery into your residence in Singapore and all related port and shipping fees. The only extras would be if something extra happened not accounted for such as a customs inspection or possible X Ray that they charge for.
      Regarding the self pack verses a moving co with the bells and whistles…… I totally agree lol but in all fairness there are some that do not want to or can not or don’t have time to pack themselves or their company just orders and pays for the move and takes care of everything so the employee doesn’t have top worry about anything!
      Please email me your choice of service and requirements Tricia and I’ll email you the door to door custom quote and I really apologize that you haven’t heard back from our team yet.
      Presume you did check your junk email folder?
      Cheers Mark,

  35. Mark V.Ryyppo says:

    Do you ship within Canada from Vancouver B.C. to Thunder Bay Ontario? Estimated Two twenty foot containers or single larger container.

    • The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello Mark, thanks for the question. We do not do any local / domestic moving in the same Country at any of our locations.
      Thanks for asking though.
      Cheers, The International Moving Doctor.

  36. Kirsten says:

    I originally used the company to move from the US to UK and now need to move back to the US. Can I use the same 48×40 pallet I originally purchased, or do I need a new EU pallet?

  37. Jon says:

    We are moving from Ireland back home to the USA. Our items will go towards the USA, but we ourselves will first visit family in the UK before heading across the Atlantic. Concerning Form 3299, we do not know the date when we will arrive in the USA because we have not booked transport yet. We need to wait because we are unsure of how many days/weeks we expect to stay in the UK. We also know that rules are continually changing due to covid, so we would want to book our journey to the USA closer to our date of departure. How do we deal with this? I do not know how soon our household items are likely to arrive in the USA, and I also wonder if we need to be back there ourselves before the items are delivered. Thank you.

    • The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello Jon, that is a very good question. I am presuming you are American citizens? Technically you are meant to be in the USA when your container arrives and that is shown on the 3299 / import documents that note your arrival date and flight number. However in the last year with Covid going on, we have cleared numerous containers and delivered to a friend of the family where the owners have not been able to travel back to the USA yet.
      So the official answer is you would have to be here but Customs seem to be understanding if you are not at the moment. May be an accompanying letter explaining your situation and expected eta back home could be submitted along with your documents. Also note whatever date you think you will be flying and flight number on the import documents even if it changes later. I hope that helps and feel free to let me know if you have further questions. Cheers The International Moving Doctor.

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