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Ask The Moving Doctor!

Our resident Moving Doctor, Mark Nash is in the house! Mark has been in the moving business for 33 years, originally from England; he has moved 5 times internationally and has worked in England, mainland Europe, The Middle East and for the past 19 years in the USA. If he doesn’t know the answer to the question, he has enough friends in this industry to find out for you.

He currently sits on the board of the International Shippers Association and the Commercial Affairs committee at the International Association of Movers.

Mark will always do his best to provide an answer honestly, professionally and treat this forum as a place where everyone can learn about moving overseas.


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  1. HV says:

    When moving from the US to Portugal, in what EU country is customs cleared?

    • The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello HV, if its a U Crate or a pallet we will clear customs in the Netherlands in a consolidation via Rotterdam. If you are using a self load 20 or 40 ft container then we will clear customs at the closest port to the destination which for Portugal is Lisbon.
      For clearance in Portugal we would need all the official paperwork where as its a simpler system for the smaller shipments going via Rotterdam.
      cheers The International Moving Doctor.

  2. Lilac says:

    Is the 750 euro deposit taken off the price?


    Is it the price plus 750 euros?

    • The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello Lilac, the 750 is a deposit so its taken off the price. 🙂
      Cheers the International Moving Doctor.

  3. Dave says:


    My family is preparing for a daunting move overseas.

    As our family is environmentally conscious, we have portable solar panels and (the dreaded) “solar generators”; essentially large rechargeable batteries, that we wish to move with us to our new home.

    The issue is that these “solar generators” contain Lithium batteries, which are considered a class 9 dangerous good. Most international moving companies only deal with “household goods” which are not classified as dangerous and most shippers who deal with international shipping of dangerous goods say they only aid businesses in moving such items, not private individuals.

    It would be comforting to know if you have any specialized advice for us or have encountered others who have had similar questions.


    • The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello Dave, a good question and one that I have not been asked before. Unfortunately you are correct, International Movers and Shippers are not experienced in shipping dangerous goods and dangerous goods specialists are not experienced in household goods! Shipping large Lithium batteries is getting harder. I read yesterday that one of the large roll on roll off companies is now refusing to ship electric cars on their ships due to recent fires from batteries. I think you also need to compare the costs of shipping these items separate by a dangerous goods shipper if you can find one and check the customs duties upon arrival at destination and compare all the costs and hassle with buying new at destination.
      Sorry I cant be more positive on this question.
      Cheers The International Moving Doctor

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