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March 22, 2021
Sales Executive Europe.
March 26, 2021

I am normally fairly level headed and don’t let too many things get to me but, this building struck a nerve! Everyone knows I like UPakWeShip Red but this is not right!
When we moved to Rotterdam, Netherlands a couple of years ago (with our three U Crates) our first temporary stay was in an Airbnb opposite this building across the river Maas.
I really enjoyed watching all the ships and barges going by on the River but this building with its wonky red stripes bugged me for obvious reasons.
I remember reading somewhere that this was done deliberately and seeing the Dutchy engineers are some of the best in the world, I am pretty sure this red licorice lattice work probably was.
If you are thinking of moving to Rotterdam or anywhere else in the Netherlands, then Rotterdam is a great city to explore. It has so many neat buildings. Most of the old stuff was destroyed in the Second World War so Rotterdam has a much newer feel than other cities like Amsterdam or The Hague or Utrecht.

Here are my top 5 pics to see and do in Rotterdam.

1/Take the boat cruise down the River Masse to the Port area.

2/Have Sunday Brunch at the New Yorker restaurant which used to be the HQ of Holland America Shipping Line.

3/Visit the indoor market, great food and drinks and look up at the ceiling!(see picture on the left, the black squares are windows in peoples apartments!)

4/ Take a stroll around the old harbor in Rotterdam and see some of the original old Dutch Sailing Barges moored up.

5/Slightly off the beaten track but there is a restaurant called The Bear a little downstream on the river Masse from Rotterdam where you can sit outside have a great beer and lunch and watch all the marine traffic go by. (International Moving Doctors top pic!)

Maybe I am a little biased because I am a bit of a “UPakWe” SHIPPING Nerd but Rotterdam is all about shipping! That’s why we have our UPakWeShip European HQ situated there.

If you are moving to Rotterdam, the Netherlands or anywhere else in Europe from the USA or Canada, UPakWeShip has you covered with lump sum online affordable shipping rates, great customer service and its own offices and operations both ends of your move.

Some of the great architecture in Rotterdam is below is below.

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The Moving Doctor
The Moving Doctor
"The Moving Doctor", Mark Nash has been in the moving business for over 33 years and currently sits on the board of the International Shippers Association and the Commercial Affairs committee at the International Association of Movers (IAM).

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