Why family-owned businesses offer a better service

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November 18, 2019
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There’s been a huge push to ‘shop local’ in recent years. More and more people are returning to the initial ways of using local greengrocers and butchers. Not only does it benefit the local economy, but the customer also leaves feeling satisfied with ‘doing their bit’.

But what about other small businesses? The ones which aren’t convenience stores for your everyday needs, but are businesses founded on the values and ethics of family and personalization – how do they differ to larger, corporate alternatives? And will you receive the same reliability as a well-known name?

Well frankly, yes.

It can be slightly daunting choosing a smaller company with something you deem important, but the chances are the risk will pay off enormously in your favor. From personal touches to prices that don’t reflect investors, family-owned business is the way to go – just ask the brothers who own Aldi.

The interdependency of family and business means those you interact with have much more attachment to their job than simply the ‘work to live’ ethic. Instead, there’s a universal will for success, knowing it’s dependent on the service received by the customer.

In 2017, Elon Musk emailed every single person at Tesla, with five ways to improve the company. One of them was to avoid going from A to B to C to D, with a question or to gain permission when you can go directly from A to D. Not all small businesses operate on this A to D work ethic, but UPakWeShip does. If there’s an issue, a question or an obstacle which we’re trying to work around, there’s no back and forth. We will go directly to the correct person and work with them for solutions and answers. This means you, as the customer, won’t be waiting around for days for just one email.

The best part about using a small, successful business, is that you have the dependability and expertise of a larger brand, but with a softer side of a family business. Despite managing an international team across two continents and four countries, our UPakWeShip owner still responds to quotes, chats to customers, and you can hear directly from him on the infamous Ask the Moving Doctor page.

It’s this team effort that has kept UPakWeShip in business for decades and allows us to continuously grow. With family in the US, UK, and EU, we endeavor to personalize the experience for the customer. Instead of wondering about the needs of investors, we work by responding to your needs.

Whether it’s shopping or shipping, we guarantee your support of family businesses will be met with genuineness, familiarity and the willingness to go above and beyond.

UPakWeShip is an international shipping company with over 30-years of industry expertise. We pride ourselves on offering a reliable service and upfront quotes with no-hidden-costs. If you’re considering moving overseas, check out our prices today.

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