How do I get international moving quotes?

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  If you work for a large corporation then the international relocation division will have this all taken care of for you. For all those that are left to figure it out yourselves though, where do you start?

If you type in international movers into Google, the first companies that come up will offer to get you numerous quotes on your behalf. That is good you say. Not really they know nothing about international moving, only how to get on the top list at Google and all they are doing is selling your information to about 6 movers who are not necessarily the best fit for you, who in turn will pass on to their sales person to hound you until you reply and possibly re sell your info to other movers so that you end up being called and emailed all hours of the day and night by may be up to 10 or 20 companies you have never have heard of. Oh and by the way, chances are the international moving companies that buy your information to contact and quote you for your international move are by no means the best international removal companies. If they were, they probably would not need to buy your information, as they would have lots of repeat customers, personal referrals and their own accounts.

You could ask some of the local companies with very good reputations in your local area for quotes. It’s possible that they may have international experience and can look after your move but many just have local or long distance moving knowledge and also are not licensed for moving you overseas. I must point out here that some local movers with great reputation are affiliated with a van line or larger network where the local mover can pack and load and the van line or international network then take over and carry out the rest of the move.

There are some very good international freight forwarders that specialize in shipping household goods that can take good care of your things door to door. I suggest asking others that you might know who moved ahead of you who they used or ask on expat groups on Facebook or blogs.

I suggest asking at least three companies for quotes. Ask many questions and see who you feel comfortable with. Do not necessarily pick the cheapest. They could easily have missed something out. I’m not saying pick the most expensive either as they might not be very cost efficient. Ask and get in writing that you have door to door and all-inclusive pricing. Run through with them what might be an extra charge.

  My best advice though is whatever international moving company you choose to move you overseas, if you are moving from the USA, make sure the company has a license from the Federal Maritime Commission. The International mover must have a freight forwarders license to carry out international moving and shipping from the USA. In the event of any issues with the move, you can talk to the FMC’s dispute division who will contact the licensed mover or forwarder for a fair resolution between you and the mover. If you choose a company without a license then

If you want to save some money and pack yourself then ask UPakWeShip for a quote or better still if you are moving from the USA to most major destinations overseas you can view all the service options and prices on their web site.

UPakWeShip AMP  I hope this helps you a little in how to get some international moving quotes. If you need more advice feel free to post questions or concerns on my blog page ask the international moving doctor. Alternatively feel free to download my book all about how to move overseas.

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The International Moving Doctor

The Moving Doctor
The Moving Doctor
"The Moving Doctor", Mark Nash has been in the moving business for over 33 years and currently sits on the board of the International Shippers Association and the Commercial Affairs committee at the International Association of Movers (IAM).

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