Moving to the USA in January? 5 things you need to know

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January 4, 2018
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Moving to the USA in January? 5 things you need to know

If you are moving from overseas to the USA in the winter, you probably will realize that its going to be cold, but here are 5 tips to help you know what to expect and how to manage the wintry conditions.

1/ Ice Rain: I had never seen this before moving to America. Its just like rain only its ice falling. It covers everything in ice so within 30 minutes your car could be covered in a shell of ice. Its extremely dangerous to walk in ice rain let alone drive in it. Stay in doors and wait for it to stop!

2/ Leave hot and cold taps dripping. To avoid pipes freezing and busting, keep taps dripping hot and cold on each floor using the sink that is furthest away from the water heater. (that would be the one that takes ages to warm up when you turn on the hot tap)

3/ Clear snow from cars and driveways etc every 2-3 inches. I learned the hard way here on this one. I thought it was funny watching the locals out there in the blizzard clearing away the snow every hour. I thought I was the smart one waiting in the warmth until it stopped. I was not so smart the following day trying to clear 2 foot of snow from the driveway that had a nice ice crust to it. Need I say more!

4/ Up North they have gritting lorries. Yes they are all prepared in places like Boston, New York and Chicago for blizzards. Roads stay open, kids go to school no matter what but, when in snows  2 inches in the southern states its a different matter. There are no or very little gritting trucks. Roads stay icy for days, pipes burst, accidents all over the place, its chaos.  Grocery stores will be shut as no one can get to work, cell, internet and TV can also be lost for a while.

5/ Power Outages: Due to the weight of ice and snow, many trees can come crashing down and take the overhead power lines with them. Its possible to be without power in minus temperatures for days. Make sure your fireplace is working, you have wood and matches. If you are on a well system then you can only get water via an electric pump so have many gallons of bottled water stored just in case. Have propane gas tanks full and ready for grilling food on the BBQ if you have an electric stove. Don’t forget, be like the locals and stock up on bread, soup and toilet paper!

I hope this helps and welcome to the USA if you have just moved here from overseas.

Ask the UPakWeShip International Moving Doctor if you need further advise about international moving and shipping.

The Moving Doctor
The Moving Doctor
"The Moving Doctor", Mark Nash has been in the moving business for over 33 years and currently sits on the board of the International Shippers Association and the Commercial Affairs committee at the International Association of Movers (IAM).

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