International Moving Reviews, when looking for an International Mover.

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International Moving Reviews, when looking for an International Mover.

International Moving Reviews, when looking for an International Mover.

imagescaj24pe8A touchy subject this one but a lot of people look for reviews before choosing an international mover. But however hard a company might try, no one can keep everybody happy all the time in a service industry. Different people have different expectations and let’s face it when shipping someone’s precious items half way around the world, there is always a chance that somewhere in the logistics chain, something could go wrong. Who would have thought one of the top ten shipping lines, Hanjin would have gone bust a few weeks ago leaving thousands of containers with all kinds of things, stranded around the world.  If you are involved in shipping widgets across the globe, a vessel delay, a customs inspection or a truckers strike, might not be a big deal but the slightest hiccup with a customer’s belongings can be a different story.

It has been said that International household goods and personal effects is the only commodity that has a voice when being shipped and that voice can get quite loud across social media if something goes wrong. It doesn’t happen often but sometimes the logistics fairies have a bad day I guess and the well-oiled chain gets a hiccup. Now a good company will get it sorted out quickly and quite often the customer might not even know there was any problem. Other times you have to let them know the bad news and sometimes with the whole stress of moving, people can say and type things that they really might not mean. Unfortunately whatever the moving company might have done to make things right even if it was part of the shipping process totally outside of the mover’s control, the bad review has been posted and there is nothing they can do about it.

Now some companies might deserve a bad review but many others do not. I recently did some Google searching on International Moving reviews and to be honest no one has a perfect record. I saw some horrific reviews about companies that I know, do a very professional job.

I guess the reason I am talking about reviews is because we recently got knocked on social media about something we had no control over and it makes us look bad and it’s very frustrating that it doesn’t matter how hard you try, someone can tarnish your reputation by the click of a mouse!

We have had a few shipments exporting out of California where USA Customs have requested an exam of the container which has resulted in a lot of extra unloading and inspection fees on top of our normal lump sum all-inclusive quote. This is Customs right to do this and it can happen anywhere in the world. Obviously you can’t include these extra charges as the majority of the time it doesn’t happen and when it does you never know how much it is going to be. Now when this happens, we pass on the official invoices to the customer without adding anything extra and keep them informed about what’s going on. But unfortunately it’s the mover, be it UPakWeShip or any other mover that has to advise the customer that they now owe more money due to a customs inspection and through no fault of their own, stand a chance of being called scammers or advising everyone in their social circle that they are being ripped off.

I think in all fairness these days whether you are looking at reviews on Amazon about a product, a Yelp review on a contractor or reviews about an International Mover on Google you have to look at the average! If the majority is good, they are good and if the majority is bad, they have a problem!

So bottom line, no one International mover can have all 5 stars and all great reviews. No one International mover is the best for all destinations and for all sizes. Your best bet when choosing a trustworthy mover is make sure they have a good reputation, experience with the destination you are moving to, and if you are moving from the USA, are fully licensed and bonded with the FMC. (The Federal Maritime Commission)

It’s worth noting that if you have a problem with your International Mover in the USA, you can contact the FMC and they will investigate on your behalf. With their independent shipping expertise, they can confirm to you if an extra charge is legitimate for example or contact your mover to see what is being done about a problem.

Choose your International Mover wisely. By all means check reviews, but also compare like for like all-inclusive quotes, see if you can get personal recommendations and chat to the company you are considering, making sure they know what they are doing and are knowledgeable about the route and destination you are moving to.



The Moving Doctor
The Moving Doctor
"The Moving Doctor", Mark Nash has been in the moving business for over 33 years and currently sits on the board of the International Shippers Association and the Commercial Affairs committee at the International Association of Movers (IAM).

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