What do you do when you are only given a small Shipping Allowance?

Moving To London?
January 20, 2015
Moving To London?
January 21, 2015

What do you do when you are only given a small Shipping Allowance?

Question: If your employer offers you a small lump sum shipping allowance what do you do?

Answer: The U Cube but we will get to that later…..

Your employer might be giving you a small shipping allowance because you are a graduate on some management training program that sends you overseas for 6 months to a year, your single and don’t have a lot to take with you, you are a new hire and the company thinks it can get away with it, you are going to be housed in furnished accommodation and therefore are not expected to take more than personal things, you are fairly low on the totem pole or you have just been laid off or fired and being sent home. I am sure there are many other reasons but this is all that comes to mind at the moment and is enough to make my point.

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So what are your options?

1: Pay out of your own pocket…..bad idea!

2: Get 3 quotes from reputable movers but are now confused with exactly how much it is going to cost, and what exactly does $125 per 100 lbs. mean? And seriously is that all I can take for that amount?

3: Pocket the money and leave everything behind….. You will get homesick and miss your photos, pictures, favorite coffee mug, extra clothes, frying pan and Espresso machine.

4: Try and pack everything into extra suitcases and hope you have enough $ to cover the excess bag fees at airport check in, but how do I pack those pictures, espresso and kitchen stuff in a suitcase without it being damaged. Everyone has seen how suitcases get flung around!

5: Contact UPakWeShip and get a quote for a U Cube. It’s a large very strong container that is just the right size to hold and protect all your personal things. It gets sent to you flat packed in advance, you keep it as long as you like for packing and loading. When you are ready we collect it and ship overseas to your new residence. So what is different about this U Cube?

A, It’s a door to door all inclusive price up front, so you know exactly what it is going to cost you up front before you have even loaded it and therefore know it is within your small lump sum allowance.

B, The U Cube gives great protection against handling, stacking and loading, weather, prying eyes and general transit security. Some movers would load loose, e.g. your boxes would be loaded into a consolidation shipping container with no extra protection increasing the risk of damage and loss while they travel in and out of warehouses and off and on trucks. The U Cube holds and protects your items safely door to door.

C, Collections and deliveries are done immediately with tail lift trucks and a pallet jack. No waiting around for a mover to book it when they are in the area or waiting while they have enough to fill their giant truck going to your area. Fast efficient small trucks allowing good access both ends whether you are moving from USA to Europe or from Europe to USA.

For more information about the U Cube click here.

Well worth considering if you are an employer moving single status employees overseas.

Graduates Moving Overseas? This is perfect for you.

Students, teachers, professors, nurses moving overseas for a year or two? The U Cube is Awesome!

Returning Brits, French, Germans or Americans on a tight budget, The U Cube will help!

Still skeptical?

See what previous shippers that we have moved have posted about us.


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