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November 26, 2014
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December 2, 2014

UPakWeShip loves moving everyone across the pond


UPakWeShip loves moving everyone across the pond

Well the holiday season kicked off last weekend with us all watching the movie Love Actually. The British movie about 8 couples loosely connected in London about a month before Christmas. This is one of my all-time favorite movies and I think I have watched it every year since its release in 2003.

This year while watching it with my wife’s American family made me think “Love Actually” is a great movie to watch for anyone moving to London.  It shows a lot of the London sites including typical row or as we say in England, terraced housing, at the dodgy end of Wandsworth, a suburb of London.

I told my American family the whole reason I was in America was due to me following Colin Frizzles footsteps!

So if you are an American and either Love London or better still thinking about moving to London, rent the movie “Love Actually” It has a star studded cast and will set you up for Christmas.

Bear in mind this was made in 2003 other wise Sam would have been flirting on facebook, The PM & The President would be all over Twitter with their antics, Karen would have caught Snape sexting, Uncle Jamie would be using a translation app for learning Portuguese and be typing on a laptop, and Colin Frizzle would have asked for a shot of Fireball in the bar in Wisconsin.

Here is a little bit of trivia about the movie.

My man, Kris Marshall  (Colin Frizzle) returned his pay check for the scene where the three American girls undress him. He said he had such a great time having three girls undress him for twenty-one takes, that he was willing to do it for free, and thus returned his check for that day.

Olivia Olson (Joanna – Sam’s crush), does all her own singing in “All I Want for Christmas is You” at the Christmas concert and Sam had to be taught how to play drums by his Dad!

For her one-minute cameo, Claudia Schiffer received a reportedly $330,000.00

I guess the #International Moving business doesn’t compare to stardom in salaries buy I love the business and would love to move you overseas.

If you are thinking of #moving to London, England or anywhere in Europe, give us a call

1 866 868 6386 and don’t forget to visit our new web site at www.upakweship.com

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