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October 30, 2014
October 31, 2014

Anyone moving to England, please note……
If you have an umbrella aka brolley in your shipment that you are moving across to London, England, UK or even anywhere in Europe, please take note.
HM Customs are now asking us to confirm with shippers, (meaning you if you are moving) that your umbrella does not contain a knife or sharp pointed end to it that can be used as a weapon.
Anyone writing umbrella on a packing list must write (no knife or no weapon) next to it.
We have just had a shipment delayed 7 days by customs due to this!

No Weapons in England please, unless you are James Bond or a naughty villain.

This is a UPakWeShip Public Service Announcement.
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The Moving Doctor
The Moving Doctor
"The Moving Doctor", Mark Nash has been in the moving business for over 33 years and currently sits on the board of the International Shippers Association and the Commercial Affairs committee at the International Association of Movers (IAM).

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