$14B spent on the World Cup for 2014
June 10, 2014
UPakWeShip UK came to visit us in America and you never guess what happened next!
June 17, 2014

England is playing Italy in World Cup Soccer tomorrow in Brazil which got me thinking.
If you were born in Italy but moved to England many years ago, who would you support? Equally if you are English and moved to Italy years ago who would you be supporting?
I think most people will always have allegiances to the team based on their routes and support where they were brought up. However some people might dislike their origins, didn’t have a very successful upbringing and moved away never to return and therefore will be supporting the team where they live now. What if you moved from your origin country due to some dispute, divorce or bad business decision?
I don’t think any concrete research has been done and quite frankly I don’t blame them; whoever them is that do research about silly stuff! I can tell you though as an Englishman living in the USA with dual nationality, even though I moved here over 20 years ago, I still support England’s soccer team first and USA a close second, (but don’t tell my American wife that)
What if my wife was Italian?…… and liked soccer? That would be interesting. Would we watch it in our favorite Italian up the road, split for the evening or watch it at the pub? Probably if I ever wanted Pizza and Tiramisu again it would be at the Italian!
Good luck to England and USA as that’s where I am from but also Italy as they have the best food, France as they have the best wine and cheese, Germany for the best beer, Switzerland for Chocolate, Holland for….well you know and may be Brazil for nuts……shall I go on?
Wherever you are expats, enjoy the Word Cup!World Cup 2014

The Moving Doctor
The Moving Doctor
"The Moving Doctor", Mark Nash has been in the moving business for over 33 years and currently sits on the board of the International Shippers Association and the Commercial Affairs committee at the International Association of Movers (IAM).

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