Q. I see positive and negative reviews online. Why?

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October 7, 2011
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February 26, 2012

Q. I see positive and negative reviews online. Why?

I don’t think there is any company in any field that hasn’t received some negative comments on line. Many sites are set up purely to report negative comments, look at the wording on the questions they ask the consumer. It’s far easier to complain on line than leave positive comments! Many of these review sites are not independent or not there primarily to help the consumer. Some sites that specialize in negative comments will offer the company to remove the comments for thousands of dollars.

Some moving sites for example that warns you of scams are paid for by certain moving companies that just love to complement each other and write negatively against any other company that’s mentioned. Add in disgruntled employees, the competition making false claims and yes we like anyone else are not perfect and sometimes things go wrong, explain why there will always be positive and negative posts on the internet. The biggest test is however when something is wrong and a customer is not happy, how quickly you put it right. Unfortunately most sites do not allow the company to put their side forward or explain what they did to rectify the situation.

When things have gone wrong we don’t hesitate to offer compensation if it is warranted and have even on one occasion last year when just nothing was going right for a couple we moved to Italy, gave them a full refund even though they did eventually receive all their items in perfect condition all be it a tad late!

As there is a lack of professional review web sites that are honest and let a company reply to any complaints, we have set up our own area here where you can leave positive and negative replies for us to answer and for everyone to see. We are working very hard though to make sure every customer is happy with UPakWeShip and has a great experience moving overseas.

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