10 Most Need To Know Facts about British Food

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10 Most Need To Know Facts about British Food

So you are moving to England and you have read all the usual articles about the locals speak funny, have quaint little sayings, heard jokes about tea n crumpets but what do really know about English food?

Here are your 10 most need to know facts about British food

1/Pudding is their name for all desserts, not just the jelly gooey creamy stuff

2/Biscuits are a term for a cookie and often eaten and dunked into a cup of tea. They are never served as a side dish with meat and gravy!

3/Coffee cake is a sponge cake with coffee flavor cream or frosting on it and served at tea tim (mid to late afternoon snack time). It is not a plain cake with a crumb topping, served at breakfast time.

4/Pickle. 2 types here, Branston and Mustard. Branston is pickled veg in a brown spicy sauce and mustard is similar but in a yellow mustard sauce. Both are great with a ploughmans (bread, cheese, pickled onions and butter) or a sandwich. Luckily they don’t come long and green here.

5/Lemonade is very different in Britain. There, it’s fizzy, and branded by Whites or Sprite or 7-Up. If you’re looking for a cold unfizzy drink buy lemon squash which you dilute with water.

6/Bubble & Squeak, any guesses? Wrong, its left over mash potato and greens fried up. No American equivalent and don’t judge it till you try it. If a guy says “do ya want bubble with that” when ordering a bacon sandwich (sarny) just yes YES!

7/Welsh rabbit, nothing to do with Wales or rabbits as far as I know but a delish dish made by melting cheese, milk, mustard, Worcestershire sauce and flour for thickening and pouring on hot buttered toast.

8/Chips, you probably know this from fish & chips fame but always remember chips are hot chunky fried potato and crisps come in a bag with many more flavors that American chips for example Chicken Tikka, Prawn Cocktail, Sausage & Mustard, Tomato, shall I go on? A chip butty (chip sandwich) is popular here which is sliced bread spead with real butter, add French fries, ketchup or HP which is like steak sauce but better and voila!

9/Mince Pies, come out to play at Christmas time and have no meat in them. Sort of a single round fruity pie covered in pastry, sweet and yummy!

10/Batter Pudding or Yorkshire pudding is not a dessert but served with a roast dinner made out of a batter mixture with a hole in the middle which is great for hiding extra gravy in. Similar stuff can be cooked in the oven with sausages in it but then it’s called toad in the hole, no idea why!

Any biased opinion expressed in this article is due to UPakWeShip’s owner here in the USA, who is English and lived in the USA for the last 20 years. No Rabbits, bubbles or toads were hurt in the writing of this article.

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