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 169 reviews
by Mitzi Renneh Boruff on UPakWeShip, Inc.
In good hands

I have just begun the shipping process. I wemt into this with some, expected, stress, as inhad no idea where to even begin moving my life across the seas.Mr. Pete Nash, was my first point of contact. He has been AMAZING!!!! He has gone above and beyond, answering my NUMEROUS questions, and has gone the extra mile to find out some info I needed.I am, so, at ease, using this company, and have complete confidence in the rest of this process.From Pete, I am now working with Alicia. Her response to me was immediate, and her emails have given me everything I need.I am so thankful to have found this company.So far, I could not be more impressed with the stellar customer service.I hope to never need them again, after this "half a world away" move, lol, but if I did, I would use them everytime.I HIGHLY recommend this Team!!Renneh Mitzi Boruff

by Bernard Grimm on UPakWeShip, Inc.
Great Experience Getting U Crate 50 to Scotland

Today we received our U Crate 50 shipment in Edinburgh, Scotland...all the way from California, and everything arrived in excellent shape.We had a few of our own quirks (visa delay, etc.), but the UPak reps Alicia and Angela helped us through everything.I would highly recommend UPakWeShip's service.Bernard

by Beth L. on UPakWeShip, Inc.
Peace of Mind

From my initial inquiry to UPak until now, Pete and Alicia have been amazing! A big move like this is very nerve wracking but they have both put my mind at ease throughout the whole process so far. Very easy to communicate with and always prompt at answering my questions when it felt like I had a million of them! On to the next step of my crate arriving and unpacking!! Thank you tons for all of your help.

by Wes Parsons on UPakWeShip, Inc.
Great experience!

I was returning to Australia after approximately 6 years in the U.S. I was dreading shipping my things home, and all the paperwork ect. UPak was recommended to me by friends who had used the service, they had had UPak recommended to them by friends who had used the service, so I figured the double endorsement was pretty good. I found them very easy to deal with and very easy to contact. They were easy to deal with, helpful and gave step by step instructions for people who have never shipped before 😉 I would recommend this company to my family and friends. Very happy, great staff, great service overall!

by B. Walker Thornton on UPakWeShip, Inc.

I used UPakWeShip to bring the rest of my household belongings to Sweden from the U.S. I was quite nervous that everything would go as simply and safely as they claimed it would. Now that it is done, I want to give this company an outstanding rating! They were professional and provided me with excellent service. It really was as easy as they claimed. A really well designed and executed service.

by Richard on UPakWeShip, Inc.
Satisfied. Good service, good price.

I moved from Phoenix, AZ, USA to Brisbane, Australia. UPakWeShip gave me a significantly better quote for the move than other firms. This was largely because my shipment was small, and they had a separate rate for a pallet stacked half-height. Other reputable shippers had comparable prices for a single pallet, but their minimum fee was for one stacked to a full height (I think it was 72 inches). Because of that, UPakWeShip saved me almost $1000.Everything went smoothly. Alicia was helpful and kept me informed, and the shipment arrived in good order. It took about 3 months, instead of the predicted 2 to 2.5, but that is not unreasonable. There was, in the end, an unexpected fee I had to pay, but it wan't their fault, and they notified me and explained it to me, just as they had promised to do in the event that something like that should come up. I was able to independently verify that it was a legitimate, unforseeable fee, and it was only a small amount.I have just one concern. They gave me the option of purchasing my own pallet for loading, which I did. That was good -- it saved me time and money. However, they neglected to tell me that in order to ship to Australia, I must get a plastic pallet, or a wooden one specially treated for ecological contaminants. Australia is very particular about protecting their land from invasive species or diseases.They did, however, provide me with extensive information about packing and shipping in general, and about Australian customs and agricultural quarantine in particular. This information was directed at the items I was shipping, not at the shipping containers, but it was enough to raise a red flag for me, so that I contacted Alicia and she told me the kind of pallet I needed. So it all turned out fine. However, it would have greatly helped if I had been told of that as soon as I opted to purchase my own pallet.

by Samantha on UPakWeShip, Inc.
Great service, box arrived in great condition

I had a great experience with UPakWeShip. I had a really stressful move to make and was really nervous about putting all my things in other people's hands to be put on a boat for 'a long time' with a lot of unknowns. Everything was handled professionally and efficiently from Alicia, Mark, and the company and I received my box in excellent shape. I'm so glad there is a company that ships packages like this - in these kinds of sizes/prices. And the process was a lot less difficult than I imagined it to be in the end. The packing process was admittedly really stressful - getting everything to fit in the box and not be too full or too empty was a real challenge. Perhaps some standard 'these boxes fit' if one only uses boxes could be really useful for those with short windows for the packing process? The only issue I had was that I got a call the night before my box was delivered about the delivery - if I had normal working hours I wouldn't have been able to receive it! This is more of an issue with the delivery service than UPakWeShip however. Thanks for all your help making my move possible! I am really satisfied with everything!

by Julie S. on UPakWeShip, Inc.

Best price and 5 star service? Um, yes please. First, thank you to Alicia for answering my many MANY questions, often within the hour. That was very impressive. Thank you Angela for coordinating things in Ireland and giving me status updates as my pallet was sailing. And thank you UPACKWESHIP for your easy-to-use platform and all around great user experience. Will certainly use you again if I move.

by Lars Groeneveld on UPakWeShip, Inc.
What an easy move 🙂

I had to move from USA to Germany and searched all over the Web for a good price to ship my stuff out. From Day 1 I used hard tough boxes and bubblewrap to make sure everything does not get damaged. I choose the U50 and got it Turbofast over UPS and puttin it together was easy, no tools needed. Curbside pick up was not that perfect, because the driver of the truck had no tools for loading. In the end he was able to help me out so this was not a problem as well. I used the higest insurence possible for protection. I had great people who helped me, and was able to track my shipping all the time. Not even 3 weeks after I arrived in germany a shipping company from the netherlands brought the U crate 50 to my house. All went well, no problems at all....I am very very happy 🙂 Thanks for the help guys !!!

by John R. on UPakWeShip, Inc.
Next Steps Went Smooth

This is my second review as I track the progress of the move. Today I got delivery of the U-Crate-280 at my storage facility as had been arranged by Alicia with Victoria of Door-to-Door. It was great to have the extra space from the 200 which I was hesitant would fit everything (maybe but it might have been too tight or a few boxes left out). The 280 came with a bonus that they delivered it to us instead of us having to truck our boxes down to the port and fill the U-Crate-200 there. Because we've already sold our house and all of our stuff was in a self-storage place we couldn't have the container left out for days while we loaded. Victoria arranged for it to be delivered, have the driver wait while we loaded and then take it away the same day. Very courteous driver, the crate looks sturdy and we added some steel cargo bars to help brace the boxes in transit. When the truck drove away with our loaded container, I had more confidence it would arrive safely than in domestic moves I've done where people load boxes on a truck and you hope they all get there unscathed. Thanks to Alicia, Victoria, Angela! So far so good. I like that the invoice came in precisely as quoted. I did take Silver insurance for a bit more peace of mind.

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