Ask the Moving Doctor

Ask The Moving Doctor!

Our resident Moving Doctor, Mark Nash is in the house! Mark has been in the moving business for 33 years, originally from England; he has moved 5 times internationally and has worked in England, mainland Europe, The Middle East and for the past 19 years in the USA. If he doesn’t know the answer to the question, he has enough friends in this industry to find out for you.

He currently sits on the board of the International Shippers Association and the Commercial Affairs committee at the International Association of Movers.

Mark will always do his best to provide an answer honestly, professionally and treat this forum as a place where everyone can learn about moving overseas.


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  1. Maria says:

    Hello Mark Nash!

    We are from Brazil and we have just arrived in London. Our intention is to bring our dog through an animal carrier.

    We have already filled out our applicattion for transfer relief. However it was rejected claiming the need for “Packing List”.

    My question is:

    – Is this “Packing List” applicable to us who are Brazilian and have come to work for 30 months? Or only for the resident with English nationality?

    • The Moving Doctor The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello Maria, the packing list is needed to go with your ToR application if you want duty and tax free entry of your belongings and pets into the UK regardless of what nationality you are. British, European or foreign, everyone needs to complete the ToR. Now if the only item you want to ship is your dog, I would list 1 dog on a packing list with a value like 300 pounds.
      Hope that helps, good luck and enjoy your stay in London. If you have any further questions about a ToR then don’t hesitate to ask, cheers The Moving Doctor.

  2. andrew smith says:

    Hi Mr Nash

    My daughter arrived home in England today, after 4 years in New York. She’s arranged shipment of her things with Upackweship, and I’d like to know how long it takes to ship from Charleston (where she has just been told it has arrived) to England (here in Chelmsford). We’re trying to coordinate a day for a domestic removals firm, and this information would help greatly. Thank you.

    • The Moving Doctor The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello Andrew, I bet your pleased to have your daughter back home! Normal transit time is 5-6 weeks on average but is depends a little on what service your daughter booked so I am going to pass this message over to Natalie in our office to email you an up to date status report with an eta of the ship into Southampton England.
      Cheers The Moving Doctor.

  3. Patti says:

    Hello Mark Nash, We are almost there with making booking of 100 CU FT. but we are confused with different time frames on your site and blog so would like some clarification. We arrive in Scotland week of Feb. 19th. 2018 We would like our personal belonging to arrive week of Feb. 26th. Your site says 3 – 4 weeks but your blog says 5 – 6 weeks. Please advise. When should we request PICK UP FROM YOU for Monticello FL to Galashiels, Scotland. We do not want our box to arrive before we do. THANK YOU! Oct. 4th, 2017.

    • The Moving Doctor The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello Patti. Its really hard to say as there are a lot of variables. For example it could be the last U Crate to load into a shipping container and literally only be in the warehouse 24 hours before loading or it could arrive the next day and have to wait may be up to 2 weeks before we load another container. The ship might sail direct and dock in the UK in 10 days or it might go via Rotterdam and Antwerp and take 17 days and Customs might clear it in 24 hours or a week. So its probably best to say 4-6 weeks. February to be honest is a quiet time for overseas moving so I would budget for 5-6 weeks all being well. The worst case if it arrives a week or 2 before you are ready is we will store it for you until you let our UK office know you want it delivered. If that is the case they will charge you equivalent of $25 per week so 2 weeks storage is only an extra $50.
      Don’t forget to apply for your Transfer or Residence number (ToR) You can apply at least 6 months in advance so you could start this process now if you like. For more information click here to see how you go about this.
      I hope this helps and sorry to be a bit vague.
      Anything else please let me know, cheers The Moving Doctor

      • The Moving Doctor The Moving Doctor says:

        Sorry, here is a better link for your Transfer of Residence application form

      • Patti says:

        Hello Mark, Thank you for your reply. We did choose UPACKWESHIP for our moving back home to Scotland and our 100 crate is now safely in Charleston! It arrived in Charleston today 1st Feb, 2018. ! We are now excited to hear about it’s move to the container and then the cargo ship to bring it home to Old Blighty and then Bonnie Scotland! We would like to say A BIG THANK YOU to Alicia who has guided us through this amazing experience! She is awesome You gave us a time frame of 4 – 6 weeks so is that still good? We will be home before our crate but looking forward to seeing it at our door in Scotland! So we are obviously excited but also hoping for a safe speedy delivery of our crate. Keep up the great communication! It helps our nerves! Cheers!

        • The Moving Doctor The Moving Doctor says:

          Hi Patti, good choice! Yes Alicia is a great UPakWeShip team player. Everyone loves her! I would say in February transit might be more like 5-7 weeks. Make sure you give my sister Franny in the UK office some Scottish stick if you are talking with her!
          Lastly if you wouldnt mind leaving us a good Google review to spread the word it would be so appreciated. Click here
          Many thanks and safe travels, cheers The Moving Doctor.

  4. Doug Bashara says:

    Your service looks good.
    I’m moving from Colorado to Ecuador and thought I might load a trailer and drive to a dock to get on a boat.
    I want to carry my vehicle with me and thought a trailer might make it easy to go straight to where I’m going.
    Who would you contact if you wanted to move this way?
    How could I get an estimate from you on moving everything by e-mail.
    I have no phone service here.

    I appreciate your time and help.
    Thank You,

    • The Moving Doctor The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello Doug, let me pass your inquiry to Andres in our office here that specializes in South America, cheers The Moving Doctor

  5. Lisa Knights says:

    How long will it take from my shipment to reach Kuala Lumpur from the UK.
    I have decided yet if I need a shipping container or a few crates.

    • The Moving Doctor The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello Lisa, I will pass over to our UK office to answer you on transit times. Generally a whole container though will be faster than crates. Cheers The Moving Doctor

  6. Lisa Knights says:

    If I go down the crate option – do these crates then get put into shipping containers for sea transportation?

  7. fabs says:

    Hello Mark,
    we need to move some boxes and a couple of pieces of furniture (an armchair and a chest of drawers from Boothbay Maine to Italy.
    we tried sending a request via the website and also an email.
    we would like to get in touch via phone but unfortunately as we are calling from Europe we cannot call the toll free number
    so is there direct phone number we can call?

    Here with again the information of the enquiry and questions

    From/to: from Boothbay, Maine (104 Pension Ridge Road Boothbay ME ) to Rome- Italy (via celle querce 32, 00041 ROME) (Europe)
    Date: between Jan 8th and 12th 2018
    What : Small Moval so please quote both 1 U crate 100 & 1 Ucrate 200.

    for the U-crates is there a maximum weight?
    should we book for a U-crate 200 that you need to collect yourselves is it possible if we get an extra U crate 100 that you collet that too?
    looking forward to your reply
    Many thanks
    Best regards,

    F. Giordano

    • The Moving Doctor The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello “Fabs” I believe you have already spoken today to Natalie and Stacey so all is good?
      Cheers The Moving Doctor

  8. Laura Mortimer says:

    Hello Mark

    We are moving to North Yorkshire, in the UK, from Calgary AB, Canada, in about 6 months, we have about 2 standard pallets, full of personal items no furniture, what would be a approximate cost for each pallet, we are trying to work out how much we can afford to take, also is their a weight limit on the U-Crates.

    Thank you


  9. Emma says:

    We can’t seem to find a time line for when our crate will arrive at our location or how long we have to pack our own crate before pick up….can you give us more info. We are leaving in a month to go from Oregon USA to Berlin, Germany

  10. Cheryl says:

    Hello there! I’m moving to Lucca, Italy, from the SF Bay Area in May, and I have a few questions I can’t find answers to on your site.

    1. I will ship either a 100 or 200 crate. How long would the shipment take to get there?

    2. Where is the terminal I’d go to if I choose the 200 size?

    3. For delivery in a historical center with narrow streets and limited car access, do you unpack the shipment into smaller vehicles? (I may be shipping two pieces of furniture as well as boxes.)

    Thank you!

    • The Moving Doctor The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello Cheryl.
      The transit time on average is 8-10 weeks from the West Coast to Europe.
      The terminal in San Francisco where you would load a U crate 200 is near the International Airport.
      We ship all our European deliveries into The Netherlands first so they clear customs in Rotterdam and then get transported to Italy.
      The U crate 100’s as they are curbside tend to arrive on a straight truck with a tail lift. The U crate 200 as its an inside residential delivery would arrive on a moving van which tend to be larger. If the larger truck can not get to your residence there are 2 choices normally.
      1/ you meet the truck close by in a parking lot and take delivery there for no additional charge.
      2/ you pay extra for the mover to hire a smaller van to transship your delivery from the larger truck and they deliver to you in the smaller van.
      I hope that helps and makes sense. Anything else let us know.
      Cheers and Happy Packing, The Moving Doctor

  11. Anita says:

    I have a Apple desk top computer. – and the original box. Concern about packing into a crate. Shipping from California to the UK. Any advice?

    • The Moving Doctor The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello Anita, if you have the original box and you are then placing into a U Crate it should be fine but if you are concerned wrap the box in bubble wrap then place it in a larger box just to be safe.
      Hope that helps, Cheers The Moving Doctor

  12. Heather says:

    Hi Mark,
    My husband and I are currently going around Australia in a Caravan. We have all our furniture and goods in Storage in a Relocations Warehouse in Brisvane waiting for transit. We were moving to Nz after finishing our trip. But life gas not been good lately and we may split. My husband staying in Australia, his homeland, me returning to Nz. What would the proceedure be of sortingslpitting our goods while still in the Warehouse without costing us too much money.
    Thankyou. Hope to hear from you soon.

    • The Moving Doctor The Moving Doctor says:

      Hi Heather, sorry to hear your news. Unfortunately we are in the USA and Europe so we do not operate services between Australia and New Zealand. I would ask for a few quotes and personal recommendations for movers in Brisbane that specialize in New Zealand shipping. Blogs are a good source to get information and personal recommendations.
      All the best, The Moving Doctor.

  13. Stuart says:


    I have packed my U-Crate 50 and kept a note of what I put in each box or bag, and I also stuck a hand-written label on each box/bag, with an item number. Now I need to do my packing list. A lot of your helpful instructional materials say not to be general about what is in each box, or customs will be suspicious. However, the packing list generator tool seems to require me to be general, in that I can’t say there are five or six different unrelated things in box 1. What do I do now? Please help! Thanks.

    • The Moving Doctor The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello Stuart. Please use our online packing list tool that uses customs friendly wording for your packing list. For mixed boxes just list whatever the main item is. For example cutlery, kitchen bowls, pots, pans, plates etc can all be listed under kitchenware. You do not need to be very detailed with the packing list. Just a list like box 1 books, box 2 kitchenware, box 3 Clothes, box 4 bedding, box 5 games that sort of thing.
      Hope that helps, cheers The Moving Doctor

  14. Marnin Romm says:

    Good day,
    I have about 3 large paintings on a canvas I need to ship.
    What is the best way to pack these items?


    • The Moving Doctor The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello Marnin. The safest way would be if possible to roll up the canvas and place in a cardboard tube. If you can not roll them up as they are in frames then first cover the painting in soft tissue paper and then wrap in bubble wrap.Place the wrapped framed paintings in proper picture cartons that you can buy from any self storage place, U Haul or on line. I hope that helps, anything else you need let me know, cheers The Moving Doctor.

  15. Jennifer says:

    We need a 40 ft container on our property in Burlington NC to store our home furnishings until we sell our home. We then need it transported full to Palm Coast FL.. I see you have terminals near me in Greensboro and in Jacksonville. Would you be able to accommodate this within the U.S.? Thank you!

    • The Moving Doctor The Moving Doctor says:

      Hello Jennifer, thanks for your message, unfortunately we only ship our containers overseas and not domestically within the USA so cant help you on this one I’m afraid. Cheers The Moving Doctor